1. Thanks! I thought it was Rogue 25 Tea Rose with snake handles.
  2. I think she means she has the rogue 25 in pink with the pink snake handles.
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  3. Officially a member now.... :biggrin:
  4. Bag twins for both bags! How do you like them?
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  5. I can't take it anymore!! I want that gray tearose bag! And I really can't break my ban right now.

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  6. Be strong! You may find it for a really great deal after your ban. I need to join you on Ban Island. :crybaby:
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  7. Where? Not NWT! I'm not allowed in FOS online. My boutique never gets any Rogues because they're lower level. I'll never be able get it for less than 50% off! And is 10% cash back on the site too!

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  8. Can some one post a modeling pic of the grey tea rose Rogue 25 please
  9. You might be right. I was thinking resale market.
  10. I have an eye on Rogues on the Bay but they are going up for sale at higher prices.

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  11. :lol::lol::lol:
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  12. Not to tempt, but e-bates is 15% today! I ordered this gray tea rose one too. I couldn't resist and figure I'd scoop it up before it was too late. If I change my mind later there's always the resale option...it arrived Tuesday and is a beauty!
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  13. I just got my grey tea rose clutch today and I LOVE it!! It's been months since I have seen the rogue. Are some of the flowers painted with metallic grey like the clutch?
  14. You know I didn't notice. I snapped a quick pic before i went to work, but I can't tell lol. I don't think so.
    I agree it's a gorgeous clutch. I also picked up the washed red tea one one and no metallic on that one.
  15. Hmmm... so hard to tell in pics. That washed red is gorgeous!
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