1. IMO, you purchased the right bag. I think that you will love it. :yes:
    If you get a chance please post some pics of it. Black leather + black nickel hardware + blue strap = :drool:
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  2. C789908D-4E64-4918-B968-A8013E1BF641.jpeg 6C9822B6-75E3-498C-835E-CB7039C0ADC8.jpeg
    So it came and the bag is beautiful BUT there was NO STRAP!! I am so mad at 5th off sals right now. Should have known better...
  3. One more thing... isn’t the bag supposed to have a black “made in china” tag? There is no tag inside that I can see....this is stressing me out.A605E12C-A7FB-4ECA-928D-44E7B2A9D750.jpegC8A406C2-4103-42E4-B89E-56CFD5A2BE44.jpegD8321F59-75E7-470A-BC7B-317BB1D98FAB.jpeg
  4. The MIC tag can sometimes be tricky to find. It will be attached to the interior piping along the sides of the bag.
  5. Thank you for all of your help!! I have searched the entire lining on each side...definately no tag... Which I think may be illegal to even sell in the US?? I thought it had to have country of origin. Hmmm
    Thank you for all of your help! I have searched all along the piping and no tag???? I thought in the US there has to be a country of origin tag to sell but maybe that is just clothes??7767C369-CDF7-4645-80E8-AE056726BA31.jpeg0A8466E3-C1C2-4E3F-B9FF-D299A147E5AE.jpeg6F2AEEE0-F21E-4B32-98A5-B3458FF0685C.jpeg
  6. And another thing——you guys and gals are amazing for putting up with me btw....:smile: —— are the tabs on the sides. I am not sure they have the same flexibility as other photos I have seen. Darn discount purchase!
  7. 4A51807A-9012-4166-9738-180FB33C9040.jpeg
  8. image.jpg Reordered the bag! (Saks off 5th is terrible if anyone was wonder...). I am going to say that it was worth the hassle this time.
  9. Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.31.07 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.30.24 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.30.55 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.31.02 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.30.46 pm.png
  10. 1 more photo
    Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 1.00.14 pm.png
  11. Hi there could someone please help me with this bag as I'm not sure about it's authenticity. Thank you in advance for your help. Sorry if there are too many pics.
    Screenshot_20180206-095318.jpg Screenshot_20180206-095351.jpg Screenshot_20180206-095438.jpg Screenshot_20180206-095501.jpg Screenshot_20180206-095546.jpg Screenshot_20180206-095611.jpg Screenshot_20180206-100349.jpg
  12. Please Help with authenticating this bag. I feel like everyone is being answered with the exact same question. I'm unfortunately not. Tyia
  13. Hello!
    I hope anyone here can help me authenticate this Alexander Wang Rockie bag. Seller did send photos of the tags, paper inclusions & dustbag. Did not send much photos of the interior, so no photos of the MIC tag.

    0de4b165477a4236baa2773acc68d353.jpeg 62da69a9a26a7966535d82c2781bb8d5.jpeg 807ce693a9c40d77aa0c7a84e0296640.jpeg 23785d99405fc971550d7c171c1e318e.jpeg 98715bb7e139cacd993e600542b582e2.jpeg a399142ae3d01a7f04dc1c91d3e0d9a0.jpeg bc868a98b7755e0d30daf55317f12b9b.jpeg c71a95adc6f1741f6a20da9ed7966285.jpeg c489a21ec9f199ed6e42f37b5360b41c.jpeg ea5bc16ac28475fac523a8f3cf119c77.jpeg

    Also: thoughts on Rockie? Is it too heavy/big? Worth it/no?
  14. Not speaking to authentication but I love the Rockie. I've had several styles of AW bags and the Rockie is my favourite. Carries more than you'd expect and stays organized. The only negative IMO is that the small zip exterior pockets have zips that slowly slide down while you carry the bag (at least mine did) so I never carried anything in them. Not too heavy for me but I will admit I love large bags and so may be used to carrying a bit more weight than some people. The Rocco now, that's a different subject, I nick-named mine "the shoulder killer" and sold it to a male friend of mine!
  15. More photos sent by seller:

    1001092_10155950100010856_8630764249779148672_n.jpg 28279591_10155950127495856_7312831384221100439_n.jpg 28379663_10155950065035856_8575315764623678148_n.jpg