1. I have been a loooooong time fan of RM, and have owned many of her styles over the last 8-10 years. However, after my last two ordering experiences from her website, I will never, ever purchase another item from her directly. It is just not worth the hassle, period. I bought two items in November from the website, one was returned due to size and the other was returned due to being defective (pockets sewn shut that should not have been). It took them 32 days to process the return on the first one, and 24 days on the other. In this digital age, those are unacceptable timeframes and I have now given up on the brand due to their customer service related idiocy. The kicker for me is that nobody answers their customer service line EVER. That cannot and should not be happening. There is no excuse for their complete lack of customer service. It's not difficult to hire someone to answer a phone and even take messages/notes if need be, and return customer calls after researching, if needed.
  2. Totally agree. That's too bad to hear because the brand is losing customers that didn't even get a chance to buy her bags. Would you ever buy any bags from just department stores that sell RM?
  3. No, I will no longer be buying RM merchandise of any sort, from any vendor. I will not continue to support a brand that does not support its own customers. Nobody should.
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  4. Horrible customer service and experience.

    I bought bags from RM website and returned some of them on the next day (12/02/2017). Then I tracked from FedEx, the package was delivered on 12/05/2017. So far, one month has been passed, but I didn’t get the refund yet, even no any updates and notification.

    I made several phone calls to the customer service, but it is a recorded voicemail and no one answered. I also wrote a couple of emails but the customer service always sent an automatical reply. So far, not responding on both phone calls and emails.

    I can not believe it happened in USA. This is the worst experience and customer service.

    Telling everyone to avoid this company. You can buy RM from other department stores.

    Also if you have the similar experience, could you share yours and let me know what should I do next. I am still waiting for the refund of $900+.
  5. My response always is go though your credit card company. Sooner than later, especially if they have a time limit for disputes. You have proof of return.
  6. But I already paid the credit card, how can I dispute it?
  7. I'm not sure if it matters that you paid already. You'd just end up with a credit balance I guess. But at least contact them and explain what you've told us.
  8. I am in the same situation and still waiting for the refund of $900+. Can you also kindly contact me privately? Thank you. I am really appretiated.
  9. @RM Team Could you kindly give a help on my situation? I bought bags from RM website (Order #443912) and returned some of them on 12/02/2017. The return was delivered on 12/05/2017 (FedEx tracking # 417190362747). So far, one month has passed, but I didn’t get the refund yet, even no any updates and notification. I tried to contact the customer service many times, but no responses emails and phone calls. Could you kindly give me a help? That is a big amount of refund of 900+. Thank you so much. I am really appreciated.
  10. i can't believe customers are having to come to an online forum to ask for help with refunds. RM was my gateway into designer bags and I am just so sad to see the company like this. 10 years ago I was an avid fan and today I wouldn't even buy an RM on clearance at Nordstrom rack. Very sad.
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  11. RM is on Gilt today and merchandise is disappointing to say the least. I have a lot of old styles and there is no comparison in quality and design between then and now.
  12. I was surprised to see this studded MAM. Probably the only bag that looks decent in the sea of mediocre bags. I hope it finds a home!
  13. I have been out of the RM loop for a while, only to return recently to be subject to their horrendous customer service issues. Meanwhile, I had started looking through new styles RM is offering and I was just wondering when the brand decided to change from original designs to blatant designer rip-offs (Chloe, Balenciaga, etc)? Please don't reply to tell me how many brands are influenced by other brands designs. That is not what is happening here. It literally looks like at some point this brand decided "hey lets make almost identical cheaper knock off alternatives to high end designers". Anyone else feel the same?
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  14. @RM Team i feel like RM has stolen from me. I purchased 2 bags during the black friday pre-sale (before things were marked down even further/gifts thrown in), and my bags took forever to ship, and RM wouldn't give me the free gift others were getting, or do a price adjustment. TO MAKE MATTERS MUCH WORSE, i returned one of the bags, 2 days later, and it's now January 15 and i still have not received a refund. I've called every day, at different times of day, and NOBODY answers the phone. I've left emails and no response is ever received. I assume i have to file a credit card dispute now. This is unacceptable to run a business this way.
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  15. Wow, just wow! :sad: Hopefully this type of CS behavior is not happening at other vendors such as big chain department stores.