1. Hi I’m looking into buying a Louis Vuitton bag online and I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me if it’s real or not before I buy
  2. Hi, I would like to get my bag authtecnicated, can I posted here please?
  3. Hi, I think you should search for the thread for your brand "authenticate this chanel bag" etc and go to the first post of any thread for the required format and photos needed to make an authentication. Some brand threads require an active for sale listing (not your own bag or an already sold listing) such as the authenticate this hermes thread. Just read the first post or two of the brand's authentication thread to find the guidelines for that brand. If it is a lesser known brand, I believe there is a general bag authentication thread, you can probably find it easiest by googling something like "purseforum authenticate this bag". Otherwise there are authentication services that only charge about $7 for an authentication. There are threads on purseforum recommending different authentication companies if you do a search. Hope you find what you are looking for!
  4. I have a general question. One of the consignment shops in my city was doing a live FB presentation of some luxury handbags (LV, Chanel, etc) and someone responded during the live show asking if they authenticated their pieces. They replied and said 'yes, we use "authentication software".'

    I didn't know such a thing existed. How could you use a software program to authenticate? If that were true anyone could authenticate. But maybe I'm just behind the times. I just wondered if that was a common thing.
  5. Need help authenticating this Piquadro bag. I am not sure what the name of it is either. Any information is appreciated!
  6. Hello! Can you help me with this Marc Jacobs article? I think it's a vintage one. Thank you a lot and sorry for my bad english!
    IMG_20180309_221509_675.jpgPardesiu haina de designer Marc Jacobs.jpg
  7. Hello and welcome, it's best to post the question in the MJ forum thread here https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/authenticate-this-marc-jacobs.40213/
    Scroll down to the reply box at the bottom of the page and post your question.

    Or ask in the Wardrobe forum here: https://forum.purseblog.com/threads/authenticate-this-apparel.53838/
    Good luck.