1. I would to know what material do you like on your shoes/heels leather or patent?
    Which on easy to take care and easy wear and hard to tear etc.

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  2. Leather all the way for heels. The first time you gouge a patent heel...ugh. There's no repairing it. But I like patent flats. I have some patent red Repetto ballerina flats. Patent wipes clean beautifully, but once it's torn, forget it.
  3. I have m-a-n-y shoes, booties, and boots. Most are traditional leathers, I also have quite a few patents. It depends what look you want to achieve in any given situation. I love patent for dressy occasions. Patent is also good in inclement weather to an extent (easier to clean). I won't wear my most expensive leathers in bad weather, but I'll wear patent Louboutin's.
  4. Leather.

    As said above patent is a nightmare once it's dinged. I learned that with patent handbags the hard way. :sad:
  5. I much prefer leather shoes than patent. I'm also not a big fan of patent bags either
    I think that leather is easier to repair & maintain & doesn't always have that stiff look that some patent
    shoes have.
  6. Leather ! I'm not a fan of patent at all :doh:
  7. My shoes come in all kind of materials but I definitely prefer plain leather over patent. Suede is probably my favourite which is not great if you live in London...
  8. i like the look of leather way better but patent is easier to maintain
  9. Love patent most, but leather a close second. How much? I have 2 pairs of patent pumps at work for everyday. Easy to shine, perfect for professional wardrobe, esp when you're bus casual, and I can wear them in rain when doing coffee run across street.

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