1. I keep switching between my black harmony tote and my punch jensen. I like them both for different reasons. I haven’t seen many of these on the forums. Was wondering what you all think of these. Does the black harmony seem more Business while the jensen is more for everyday? I think the Jensen color prevents me from using it daily because its too bright and doesn’t go with everything, but then the black on the tote seems too boring. maybe its time for a new bag?View attachment 3932764;);)View attachment 3932765
  2. The jensen is typically my every day bag and I use the harmony if i'm flying or need to bring my laptop/folio etc.
  3. What color is your jensen? I think the color prevents me from using it as an everyday bag. I do use the harmony a lot because I have two toddlers. They are potty trained, but I still seem to carry stuff for them.
  4. I have three Jensens- black, navy and deep plum. I use my black one most often though and it'll be time to replace it soon.
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