1. U.K. outlets don't post anymore either.
  2. Thanks :smile:
  3. Has anyone seen the new outlet at York Designer Outlet yet???
  4. Anyone been in any of the outlets lately??
  5. Does anyone know if Bicester Village or Shepton Mallet outlets sell blossom pochettes? If so, do you know how much they normally are? X

  6. I haven’t but know it is definitely mulberry. I was a tad worried as it wasn’t cited on their site. I checked with them and they just said they hadn’t updated it yet. I had intended to pop down a few weeks ago but never got the chance. Please let me know what it’s like. What i’m not sure about it whether it’s an outlet or a normal retail. Wonder if they are going to close swinegate. I love york centre but always found it odd they located there and not the designer outlet.
  7. I went to York last weekend and visited both of the outlets. The Swinegate outlet was lovely with a good selection of current and previous season bags, lots of purses/wallets plus a selection of clothes, shoes, scarves and belts. The shop in the outlet village was very much smaller with a more limited selection of previous season of bags and small leather goods. Still definitely worth the trip into lovely York city centre!
    I hope they don’t close the city centre shop - I have made many naughty purchases there
  8. Really - I’m shocked. I wonder why they have 2 outlets so close.I’ll not go out my way to make a special trip - shame I was hoping to pop down when I’m a little better! Yes I love the Swinegate one too, I have no idea what other outlets are like but I find this one very pleasant. I bought my first Mulberry there - an oversized black Alexa when they were discontinued!! Actually far nice than the store in Brompton Street. I think my favourite mulberry standalone is Knightsbridge. I’m not sure if it’s the competition in Harrods opposite or if they are just sweet ladies but I find them really helpful if your buying or browsing.
  9. I was at Bicester last week and the additional sale was really good! The prices were similar to the sample sale prices, which take place in london. Very good selection of stock. If I hadn’t already bought a few things from the sample sale, would definitely bought from there.
  10. Yes there was the extra 20% off at York - I couldn’t resist the Bayswater clutch in neon blue!!
    I like the outlets but agree about the Knightsbridge store - they were so helpful when I was looking for my oak Bayswater
  11. Has anyone been to the outlet at Woodbury Commons?
  12. Yes, I have been a couple of times. The prices are ok, but not amazing. You might do just as well in the sales. I was last there on Dec 26 and there was a rack of deeply discounted clothing, some looked like it may have been overstock of their sales uniforms.

    They will usually send you photos if you ask. Hope this helps?
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  13. Sorry, totally off topic; do you mind my asking what color is your Bayswater in the avatar? Looks absolutely beautiful! Is it hard to keep clean?
  14. Anyone stopped by the Cabazon outlets lately? Going to give them a call and see what they have...
  15. The prices at Cabazon seem to be around the same as the last sale on the Mulberry website; going to wait for a 20% off, but not sure when that would be. Anyone knows?