1. I agree! I’ve had mine since October and the leather is definitely softening. It’s becoming more soft and slouchy but still holds its shape really well. I love this bag!
  2. Please share photos of your beautiful bags dear friends :smile: Would love to see :flowers:
  3. This bag is growing on me
  4. fayeday.jpg
    Here's my Chloe Faye Day bag in black. This is the medium size. You can ignore the pom pom... I got that at H&M. :P
  5. Thanks for sharing it’s absolutely lovely! :nuts: Now I really want one, in the Small size and Carbon Brown. Glad to know you love your bag. I have a few H&M Pom Poms too, love them! Feel free to share photos whenever such a dreamy bag. :heart::love:
  6. I love, love, LOVE this bag :heart: (the pom pom is very cute too!). Does the top handle work for shoulder and crook of arm carry? Can you wear it crossbody with the long strap? Is the suede under the zipper part also black? Sorry for all the questions :flowers: I always liked the original Faye but it’s not big enough for me. This one looks absolutely perfect. I think this will be my next purchase!
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  7. Thanks! The top handle actually doesn’t work around the shoulder, but you can definitely use it in the crook of your arm. It’s not long enough for the shoulder though. You can definitely wear the strap crossbody. The strap is also adjustable so you can change the length depending on how tall you are. And yes all the suede is black - all the parts under the zipper as well as under the flap.:smile:
  8. Thank you so much! I don’t really like shoulder carry bags a lot because they always seem to fall off my shoulder. This bag sounds absolutely perfect!!
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  9. Oooh, yours has definitely softened more than mine. I'll post pics when I get back from holiday, but I suspect that the smaller size takes a little longer to get smooshy.
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  10. I ordered this beautiful handbag - medium in black - and cannot wait for it to arrive!! I haven’t been this excited about a handbag in a very long time :biggrin:
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  11. Oh you'll love it! Can't wait to see pics!!
  12. When I bought her, I saw that there was only one size. The colour looked more like burgundy in the photos but looks much more like dark brown up-close. It is a beautiful bag..Love the soft interior!!
  13. Oh really? I’m definitely interested in seeing pictures of your bag when you get back from holiday!
  14. I love this color... I actually thought it was limited edition and when it sold out online, didn’t think it was coming back, so I bought the black. I would’ve definitely have bought this one though! I guess you can’t go wrong with black. :smile:
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  15. I thought it was limited edition,too. That’s why I rushed and bought it even though I would have preferred to buy her later. Black is definitely a good colour,too!
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