1. SCORE!!! Post pics!!!
  2. IMG_5372.PNG Hello! Please enlighten me. Is this oxblood? Seller says it is but I thought oxblood would be a much deeper maroon. Thanks!
  3. Do I need a mini if I have a small?
  4. I'm asking myself the same question! Hahaha.

    I just bought a small. I'm going to try to use it for a while before assessing whether I also "need" a mini. Of course, if I had endless money I'd get a mini so I could have one. But I don't have endless money.

    So, I'll use the small for a while and see if any situations come up where I feel I really need the mini size.

    Another consideration is that I already have two other "mini" size bags. Do I really need another bag that holds "only the necessities"? I know the mini pandora does fit more than the usual "mini" size, but for me, things like a water bottle, paperback book, extra papers/receipts, are the kinds of things beyond the "necessities" of wallet, phone, and keys. So, while I would love to have a mini pandora, I'm not sure I need a third "mini" type bag.

    Those are my thoughts. What are your thoughts/justifications? Love to hear them.
  5. I don't have a nice mini bag. I have the Pandora WOC but for me it's too fancy for everyday use.

    I have a Fossil small bag that holds wallet, phone and some other essentials but it's four years old.

    However, I almost always bring an umbrella and wearing a hoodie (I hate the sun!) which actually holds the phone and wallet in its pockets. So maybe I don't need a mini bag. Because if I am wearing a bag it should at least hold an umbrella.

    And there's also that thing about not having endless money....:biggrin:
  6. Wellll.....if you don't have a nice mini bag, then maybe you ought to get one. Just in case you're in a situation where you don't need an umbrella. Maybe for traveling? A nice mini to keep your valuables close to your body.

    So I've been thinking and I've decided I do want to add a mini to my collection. Hehe. A black one in goat. It's the only leather I don't have yet! This time I won't waver, I'm going to stick to black, and I'm getting the goat. But probably not until the end of the year...sigh...and it's only January 12th....
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  7. That was quick! :biggrin: Yeah I don't have a nice mini bag.

    Well like you, I think I'd end up getting one...but not so soon. Maybe towards the end of the year too. And yes, it should be a black goat because I only like black bags. :smile:
  8. Can this tricolour Pandora be treated as some sort of a neutral? Like a fun bag with any clothing choice? Or no?
  9. Another pic
  10. Lol actually I wish I can get all sizes of the pandora! I already have the small but I want a mini and medium in future!
  11. Yeah, me too. I have a small, medium, the WOC, and I want a mini and may be even *gasp* a large (although I don't think it's easy to find now).
  12. I like tri-colored pandoras, but I find it very difficult to combine green and electric blue with what I wear. and especially a combination of these.
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  13. Depends on the size of your umbrella. I have a small umbrella which would fit into my mini. For reference, an umbrella that is the same size or smaller than a 500 ml mineral water bottle should fit into your bag.

  14. Not sure if anyone has replied to you . But anything from siambrandname is a fake. Siam is based in thailand. They have a huge counterfeit market there. The serial code on the tag is a dead giveaway too..

  15. This looks like a bad fake. Check out the leather and the stitching. Pandoras are either made of sugar leather ( goatskin which has a nice grained texture) or pepe ( the crinkly ones) . This looks like neither.