1. Good idea - I'll look around for something I can use. Thank you!
  2. Hi my wrist measures 6 inches exactly thank you
  3. I think another white gold would balance it all out nicely!
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  4. White gold with diamonds gets my vote :smile:
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  5. WG gets another vote!
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  6. agree with the others! WG diamonds would be lovely :smile:
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  7. I agree white gold love your collection amazing
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  8. I'm usually a YG kind of gal, but looking at your beautiful current collection, I'd say go for the WG with diamonds to balance things out. This way too, if you don't wear all your bracelets at once, you still have the versatility to wear all WG one day and all YG/RG one day, and you still have many to wear. You literally have so many combinations at your disposal. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    Good job. Heavy spender! Lol.
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  9. Okay I needed people help,I have credit from cartier, i have two option to exchange for another love in white instead of yellow or another ecrou in pink ,please help,I sent my loves in again because they kept opening so they are giving me credit. so Thank u for help
  10. Ecrou in pink gold. I think this would blend more nicely with your current collection. Plus I've always liked Ecrou and JUC in PG. It gives these two designs a more feminine look.
  11. Thank you so much grande latte for your help.♡♡♡
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  12. Okay here what both looks ,love your input on which stack looks the best please. Thank all so much
  13. The bottom one. I liked your old stack with the YG love best though. You don’t want to get another YG love? I for sure like 2 loves
  14. I like the bottom one best too, much prefer the two loves and love white gold with rose gold!
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  15. For me either the top pic or your old stack ️the two whites is too industrial I prefer the more feminine colors