1. wallet, baby wipes, rollerball perfume
  2. Assuming phone, purse, and keysbare obvious, then it would be portable charger, tissues, and pen.
  3. If we are assuming a wallet and my phone are a given: a pen, headphones, and Lanisoh. (I've never had kids but a friend who has told me about Lanisoh- greatest lip product ever. And the small tube lasts for aaaages.)
  4. Wallet, tissues holder and glasses
  5. Assuming wallet, keys and a phone is standard. I always bring an umbrella, a bottle of water and earpods.
  6. Hi! I need your opinion about the Givenchy Nightingale bag that I bought. It started to peel. Is that normal? Please I really need your help. Thanks
  7. This is my bag. Thanks
  8. Keys, wallet, phone
  9. Wallet, cell phone and lip balm.
  10. Gum, lipstick, cell phone
  11. Wallet, gum, cell phone
  12. Phone. Wallet. Key to my office.
  13. Phone keys and hand cream
  14. Phone keys handsanitiser
  15. Assuming phone, keys and wallet are a given - power bank, pen, hand sanitiser