1. I also have to point out that Phoebe's last runway show (Spring 2018) was practically a public audition for Burberry with its endless variations on the classic trench coat.
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  2. It’s now official. She’s leaving after AW ‘18 collection
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  4. Yup! She's retiring for good it seems like. I will miss her.
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  5. This. I also like her writing, making it so personal yet far from being oh-I-know-her-better-than-you-do snobbish.
    When I purchased in Seau Sangle in Amsterdam this month the SA told me that she might be moving to Burberry, since "she obviously loves trench coat." Now that Cathy has confirmed her departure from fashion, I just hope they don't discontinue the bags with her aesthetics :sad:
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  6. I love Phoebe - I just don't believe she will retire so young. I predict she will start some small niche brand of her own at the very least... investors will be falling over themselves to fund it.
  7. The pre-collection will be her last. The Winter 2018 show will be by the design team. End of an epoch.
  8. extremely sadden by the news...as a guy too You inspired me to own her RTW collection and I just got myself a long navy wool coat from the s/s collection! Looking forward to owning more of her RTW...a leather biker jacket hopefully...
  9. Oh no, so sad! If she makes the move anywhere else, though, I’ll be sure to follow!
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  12. :roflmfao: ha on the last comment ~totally AGREE!!!:yes::tup::heart:
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