1. Purse Forum BV meetup....on Ban Island
    I’m heading to Ban Island for awhile. I’d love some company, so if anyone is considering taking a Purchasing Pause, please come on over and relax for awhile. The accommodations are quite nice.....

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  2. I am already there... see that fist tent from the shoreline? yep, i am right there...
    last bag was purchased on 1st October, Barolo Loop, one of the 2 i got for my bday... that's it :smile:
    Pillow was kindly gifted by Santa, thus, it does not count :P
  3. Well you 2 can send your BV overflow to me
  4. I’m right there beside ksuromax. Trying really hard to focus on finances this year in hopes of retiring early or career change. Will be living vicariously through this forum (although it’s a double edged sword ).
  5. Haha I have been an ban island since I retired in 2010
    I live vicariously lol
  6. I’d prefer full sun for my chaise. I’m here too. I’m not saying I might not charter a boat and dash off to the retail main land, but I’d enjoy hanging with my BVette pals for a while.
  7. I guess I could stay and sit a while too. I require full shade, so maybe one of those umbrellas could be set up for me. I'll start the day with a virgin Mai Tai.
  8. I also require shade. We’ll enjoy drinks in a tent...
  9. I’ll share the tent with Diane and Coastal. We can use the time to admire and chat about our 2017 purchases.
  10. I require books drinks and shade
  11. Ladies, I've been here over a year now. So lonely.
    I'm sitting in full sun, and the only shade I get is when one of the hottie manservants blocks my sun to deliver my drinks.
  12. Von....Company is coming....we’re on our way.
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  13. Mousse, any chance we can nudge you into overseeing a lobster risotto entree for dinner one evening? Since you’ve got the recipe perfected, I’m sure the chef could manage it with your help. I can taste it already!
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  14. I should join in but would like to reserve the right to a wild weekend now and then off-island!
  15. Absolutely. Funny you should post this today. Since it’s winter, I’m making smoked duck risotto for dinner tonight.
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