1. Hello all eBay experts,
    I really need helps please about this seller, I won the auction for this nice handbag, and the seller promised will provide the postage cost to the country where I live right now, and after a few reminders, I sent emails to the seller which and slow reply and keep promises ,there will be tomorrow she will let me know about the postage cost and now almost 10 days, I'm still waiting for the postage cost detail and still has no reply ,
    I have no problems from UK sellers before, but now 10 days a bit too long for waiting to pay for this bag and Im not sure if the seller will cancel this purchase? I really like this handbag,
    Thanks for any helps
  2. I think you should contact eBay because you might be hit by non-paying bidder claim. I think it's automatic once several days have passed and no payment is recorded.
  3. Thanks for your reply, :tup:I just talked to eBay and they helped me to contact the seller and if no respons after 2 more days.I can just request to cancel it, and its not worth of waiting for this long if at the end the seller will cancel it,
    Move on to purchase another handbag , I hope to find the same colour of bag:panic:
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  4. What is the bag by the way?
  5. Its just a Bal bag, after my other purchases was cancelled by PS store in UK :sad:and this is the 3rd bags I failed to purchase in this month,or maybe I should stop shopping for any handbags for a month or 3 months :smile:
  6. Whereabouts are you wanting it posted to and what is the approximate value? I can let you know what your options are if you're happy to share that info (I'm in the UK) - might be worth one last email to the seller laying out her options if you really want the bag? If they don't respond then it's safe to say it'll be time to move on!
  7. Thanks to Vernis-lover :tup: for your support
    I just received a reply an apology email from the seller, and she promised to qoute the postage cost soon, also Ebay sent some reminder emails to the seller after I had a chat with Ebay helpline, so I just a hope I still get this bag,
    I will keep posting the follow up next week :heart:
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  8. Well just to warn you then, if the item was over 250 GBP then it won't be insured if the seller sends it via the Post Office. If it's over that then the seller will need to use a courier service and they're really expensive over here. Seller can get quotes online for all available services so should take them nothing more than a few minutes rather than weeks!
    Hope that helps.
  9. Is it a fairly new (inexperienced) seller? Maybe she doesn't know how to calculate postage.
  10. Thanks @BeenBurned for your reply:tup:
    This is what I can see now she replied with double the cost of postage ( she just sent me a qoute for TNT services ) the postage cost by TNT just double compare to my other Ebay purchases from UK and I already bought many bags before and sent by Royal mail with tracking and insured or with Global services,and all arrived safely
    Do I have to help the seller by provide it the link for Royal mail service webs for the cost of the postage? i asked her from before by Royal mail or Global services for postage,
    I asked for the postage cost with the seller since the first day of the auction.:no:
    She explained it to me her reasons why its take so long for reply ( work and family things)
  11. Thanks again for your reply,@vernis-lover:heart: , I appreciated your time to reply, now I get it reply from the seller just sent me the price from TNT services to send it double the cost which what I expecting,
    Over 2 wks now since I asked about the postage cost :sad:
    She promised me to ask post office but nothing so far only a qoute from TNT,( which I didnt asked for )
  12. As I said, if the value is over 250 GBP then she won't be able to use the post office services (Royal Mail) as it won't be insured. So if it goes missing the seller would be on the hook for the loss and wouldn't be able to fully claim so you can completely understand if she doesn't want to use that service. She could book Parcelforce through the Post Office (she could also do that online) but it will be pricey. There's usually not much difference between the prices of the courier services and, as I said, they are expensive from the UK. What price has the seller quoted?

    If you have bought items over 250 GBP from the UK and it's been sent Royal Mail then the sellers have been very kind and put themselves on the hook in the event of any loss. You can't expect that from everyone though. It would certainly make me uncomfortable, depending on where I was shipping to (which you haven't said.)

    You used to be able to send up the value of 500 GBP through the Post Office but it was reduced a few years ago. Have no idea why as the service to USA/Canada/Australia rarely had problems in my experience. It is a much cheaper service than any other for international post but has the limited insurance cover.

    If you didn't ask for a postage cost before buying then it's not really appropriate to grumble about it now as the seller will need to cover their costs. You could look at the websites for Parcelforce, Fedex, DHL, DPD, UPS. Have a look at the Parcel2Go.com website as they are like a comparison site for multiple services. The Global services you mention above aren't standard from our Post Office; they are the courier services.
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  13. Hello again Vernis-Lover:tup:
    Thanks for your time to explained it to me about Ebay - UK, and sharing your knowledged,
    I put the bid as the seller told me its ok if I bid (on the first day) running for about 10 days auction , seller said no problems with the postage cost ,she can email me later, thats whats she told me, after I said usually my purchased sent by Royal Mail with tracking ( I mentioned the cost too ) she is fine with it,and mostly my purchased just under 500GBP,
    This is her first time to send outside UK,now is a happy ending Ebay transactioned, she sent me a qoute from Royal mail service just today and its standard price like global services ,for 25GBP, and the item just under 250 , all good now as I already pay, The seller happy and I also happy, :panic:

    Also thanks so much to all PP members who helped me to find the solution for this Ebay problems:hugs:,( I was panicked before ):heart::heart::heart:
  14. Glad you got sorted.

    If your previous parcels have been over 250 GBP and sellers have used Royal Mail then they've been taking the risk for you.