1. This is truly exquisite, and looks wonderful on you!! :love: As soon as I saw your picture, I thought how gorgeous it is. I’m happy to be your twin!! I keep going back to look at the pic, and I can hardly believe I have it!! :drinkup:
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  2. Wow! That is spectacular. I don't remember ever seeing this colorway. I have the red/orange/blue CW. It's a lovely shawl.
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  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. This morning in Pirouette au Galop...

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  6. Thank you hopiko!

    ksuromax, many thanks dear. We are twins on the red one too.

    orchard, thank you. It is cw 01, aubergine/canard/mordore.

    Thank you dear, so nice we are twins ... on so many CSGMs.

    Thank you kindly, FlaTiger. So we are triplets on the red one with our lovely ksuromax!
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  7. Congratulation Canuck! It's absolutely made for you, so pretty!
  8. Thanks Croisette, never saw this cw, truly magnificent.
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  9. Twins with you! Just you don't love this shawl? To me, the horses look like an artist's charcoal sketches, and Iove the orange border - just a hint of colour to add more interest.
  10. I just did an inventory check on the CSGMs I collected in 2017. There are 11 :angel::yucky::amazed::P:nuts:!!! I couldn't believe it. My only excuse is 9 of them were from sales in Paris and Chicago. I love every of them, but I need to behave better this year.

    From left to right:
    1️⃣Le Songe de La Licorne (from sale)
    2️⃣Collections Imperials (from sale)
    3️⃣Panthera Pardus (from sale)
    4️⃣Dans l'atelier de Robert Dallet
    5️⃣Pirouette au Galop

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  11. From left to right:
    1️⃣Fleurs et Papillons de Tissus
    3️⃣Brides et Gris Gris
    4️⃣Tyger Tyger
    5️⃣Flamingo Party
    6️⃣Le Jardin de Leila

  12. And they’re beauties!! :loveeyes:
  13. Very nice collection! You need one more to round out the dozen. :biggrin:
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  15. Couvertures et Tenues du Jour
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