1. It's probably the same weight as the rockie bag. Maybe not as heavy as the rocco though. Hope that helps! :smile:
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    i just ordered this bag, I was hoping to find some info on it before I bought it. I will post pics when it arrives. The bag I ordered is the Small Roxy leather tote in Red. I'm hoping it will be large enough for all my stuff, they do have a larger size but I'm liking the hand held version better. That Wang Red is calling me.
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  3. Can't wait to see real life pictures. I love this bag
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  4. Hopefully it will come tomorrow I will post as soon as it comes. I hope I will love it. The red color is fabulous!
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    Here she is my new Roxy soft small tote. she is big enough to hold everything I carry in my medium sized bags. The red is beautiful! The leather is soft a little crinkled. This bag is a open tote, you can get it over your arms, if you have small arms which I do not. There are snaps to secure the bag on each side. The metal is not to heavy and it really adds something to the bag IMO. I put my compact and lipstick, lip gloss etc in the detachable wristlet. They have this bag on Shopbop on sale. Unfortunately I paid full price. There is a large version, and yes I would recommend this bag. I noted on different websites the measurements vary, I got this bag from Barney's. And I would say it is comparable with most of my medium bags despite the measurements. For me this will be my arm candy apple red Wang. I think the color name is lipstick. Thank you Mr. Wang for another beautiful conceptual design, done only the way you can do it!.

  6. I love it. I love a bag that is easy to get and out of.