1. Modeling shot of the Ortiga I scored at the recent sale.

  2. Very nice! I love Ferragamo leather :smile:
  3. I have had it with Ferragamo Customer Service. Their lack of communication is horrendous. I bought bag during the end of season sale online on the 15th however it took them until the 19th to inform me that I had to verify my details first which I did immediately. Only to be told today that my order is cancelled for no reason. I can only assume it is because there was no stock left however I just wonder had they told me earlier about verifying my card that I would have it or that they should have told me there was no stock before I sent my details to them. Love the style, hate the customer service.
  4. It's quite upsetting that these "luxury" brands don't have the customer service to match the price point. I've had similar service with Burberry and Gucci online: Both terrible, but more so Burberry recently with very long wait times on the phone, stock problems, and cancelling my orders TWICE (both a week AFTER I placed the order). So many lower-end brands have much better online customer service.
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  5. My experience with their online purchase is worse. I ordered 3 pairs of shoes for my DH on January 14, they were shipped 2 weeks later. When we got them, 2 pairs didn't fit properly, I wanted to change them for a smaller size. Unfortunately, the sale was over. The custom service didn't respond. The little bird told me that the worse thing is management troubles in headquarters. I am not sure I will ever use their online store.
  6. Well this is 2018 sales - Farfetch seems to have varas and varinas on sale for anyone interested.

    Their private sale is on now, not public yet
  7. Hi! I saw their private sale few days ago, but they change the price on their website so offen, I had vara bow bag on my cart for $465, but then few minutes later the price was changed to $775, today when I checked it was $1005, so confusing. Is farfetch legit website? I read some mixed reviews about them.
  8. They have multiple boutiques carrying same item. So u might see a shoe for 400$ from a boutique while same could be full price in another store.

    Once 400$ one sells out website shows next available store with different pricing.

    Website is legit