1. Thanks! Good to know. Of course this makes it even harder to authenticate things!
  2. Hi everyone. Not sure if I’m posting this correctly but was hoping for some help! I purchased this bag a few years in a boutique on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship so I think it’s authentic but it hasn’t help its shape very well and I can’t find another like it when I look online. Do I have an authentic Kate Space? Thanks for any help!
  3. Authentic.
  4. Authentic.
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  5. Authentic.
  6. Authentic
  7. Authentic
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    Hi, please authenticate this kate spade cedar street maise bag which i purchased from an online app (carousell). My concern is that i do not have the black tag stitched along with the serial no. tag inside the pocket’s seams. Thanks.
    896ABDA5-FE23-4B7F-8EE2-F6FD7F72CC2E.jpeg 9AEF7A79-1F06-48BA-A3B5-8F1BFB31DD56.jpeg 6754014B-C308-43BB-B174-38CA5A060ACC.jpeg F0E441D7-204D-41C4-AB1C-68B44909AE66.jpeg 5CB6C8EC-4B8F-4904-A8E4-233C1F3BA416.jpeg 00ECA938-839B-4C02-B886-8114C1CD8CD1.jpeg 62AFB248-E3AC-46B3-8E4E-9C8ECA40931C.jpeg 0AD18C07-57EE-4CBC-BC84-E49A763EA9F1.jpeg 9A741A26-4A8A-4221-84AD-8360AEBE4CAA.jpeg 67B456BE-B18D-40AB-8250-57FEF9289C8C.jpeg
  9. Hi, please help to authenticate this Kate Spade backpack that I’m considering to purchase from a seller online. She said she got it from the US & it’s new. (I think this is the Chester Street Kacy)

    My concerns
    - The font on the label (3rd pic) looks a bit off in my opinion? The ♠️ logo looks kinda different, or is it just the camera angle/lighting?
    - The stitching is kinda poking out if you take a closer look (4th pic), is it normal?

    Let me know if you need more pics :smile:

    I’m doing a meet up for this so I can check the bag on the spot, any tips on how to spot if it’s fake?
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    Hi! This is my first time to have a Kate Spade bag and I want to make sure that it's the real thing. This is the Kate Spade Cameron Street Lucie Crossbody - Evergreen. Thank you so much! :smile:

    IMG_3656.JPG IMG_3656.JPG IMG_3657.JPG IMG_3659.JPG IMG_3660.JPG IMG_3661.JPG IMG_3662.JPG IMG_3663.JPG IMG_3664.JPG IMG_3665.JPG
  11. Authentic, I'd say. Might be made for outlet.
  12. Hi, could you help me to authenticate my miri chester bag? i already have it for 2 months, bought from online seller. after 2 months of use, i see the embossed is a bit faded (or is it just my eyes? or maybe is it easily faded because of some scratch?). the seller said she bought it from the outlet. but now i feel uncertain about it. hopefully you can help me. thank you!
    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg
  13. Hi! I'm wondering if this is authentic. It says Made In China and P091 with a holographic line to the right of it. I bought it online a year ago and now I'm starting to think it's fake.

    Thanks! 0531182326.jpg 0531182326a.jpg 0531182325.jpg