1. Thanks! Good to know. Of course this makes it even harder to authenticate things!
  2. Hi everyone. Not sure if I’m posting this correctly but was hoping for some help! I purchased this bag a few years in a boutique on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship so I think it’s authentic but it hasn’t help its shape very well and I can’t find another like it when I look online. Do I have an authentic Kate Space? Thanks for any help!
  3. Authentic.
  4. Authentic.
  5. Authentic.
  6. Authentic
  7. Authentic
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    Hi, please authenticate this kate spade cedar street maise bag which i purchased from an online app (carousell). My concern is that i do not have the black tag stitched along with the serial no. tag inside the pocket’s seams. Thanks.
    896ABDA5-FE23-4B7F-8EE2-F6FD7F72CC2E.jpeg 9AEF7A79-1F06-48BA-A3B5-8F1BFB31DD56.jpeg 6754014B-C308-43BB-B174-38CA5A060ACC.jpeg F0E441D7-204D-41C4-AB1C-68B44909AE66.jpeg 5CB6C8EC-4B8F-4904-A8E4-233C1F3BA416.jpeg 00ECA938-839B-4C02-B886-8114C1CD8CD1.jpeg 62AFB248-E3AC-46B3-8E4E-9C8ECA40931C.jpeg 0AD18C07-57EE-4CBC-BC84-E49A763EA9F1.jpeg 9A741A26-4A8A-4221-84AD-8360AEBE4CAA.jpeg 67B456BE-B18D-40AB-8250-57FEF9289C8C.jpeg