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  2. Hi, it's authentic.
    Welcome to the forums.
  3. F2602823-F6AC-49A5-9CEA-0210AC575DA6.jpeg2ED5DA0C-264A-4E3E-B27C-FD9D2F426D5E.jpegB9BA33BE-3C33-40E2-9105-CFDF5EDC4116.jpeg0CF82524-FCD7-4F45-9E3B-255D545B45D0.jpegE62A7724-D6CA-4465-B615-1EABEA6C29FA.jpeg
  4. Thanks for that. Yes, saw the hang tag is missing
  5. Hello! This is my first time in the PS forum

    I would appreciate it if you could please authenticate this bag for me.

    This is from a local seller here and the bag has not been posted on any online forum. These are the pictures she has sent me.

    I could possibly ask for more pictures but I don’t know what exactly I need to ask her.

    Please let me know

    PS1 Large in Tan

  6. Hi, it could be ok but I'd like to see closeup pics of the logo on the fold-over clasp.
    This is the Extra-Large PS1 and it's much larger than the Large size. It also has more empty weight.
    The Extra-Large PS1 has two straps, I only see the longer strap in the pics. I don't see the hang-tag in the pics either. This PS1 is from around 2009-2010.
  7. Thank you so much

    I think the Extra Large is way too big for my needs. I usually carry very little in my handbag.

    I just bought a medium PS1 and wanted a large one that could fit my laptop as well

    I don’t see where I would use the Extra Large one... maybe as a travel bag

    It’s a shame as it’s at such a good price of $ 150 but I’ll have to let it pass :smile:
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  8. Hello,

    I World like to hear your opinions on this Proenza Schouler Medium Grey fringe bag.
    Is it Real?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards, Julie
  9. Hi, it looks ok but I'd like to see closeup pics of the stamped PS letters inside the bag + letters on the fold-over clasp + strap hardware.
    See red arrows below,
  10. Hello,

    I don’t have a picture of the letters on the stamp, but i do have this picture of stamped letters inside.

    Best regards, Julie
  11. Thanks for the pic, it looks ok. I would need the other pics too for a full assessment.