1. Hi Corame can you please take a look at this bag for me.

    Item: YSL College bag medium SHW

    Seller: janstan1987

    eBay Item number: 323244818499

    Link: https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/Authentic-YSL-Saint-Laurent-Classic-College-Bag-Medium-in-Black-Leather-SHW/323244818499?hash=item4b42e48043:g:t1EAAOSwadda8CVT

    Comments: snap button closure doesn’t have the saint laurent word engraved on it. The snap button itself also doesn’t have the little groove at the top which i have seen on many ysl college bag. Although seller states this bag was purchased in 2015, could that be why? Its an older model? THANK YOU!
  2. Hi Please authenticate this item.

    Thank you in advance!

    Item: N/A
    Listing Number: ( not an eBay item)
    Seller: friend
    Link: none
    Comments: this item is from a friend of mine but she’s not sure if its authentic because she got it from her ex bf as a gift.

    Please authenticate... much appreciated!
  3. Hi Dear ladies :smile:
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Can You please help me to figure out if the bag bellow is an authentic Saint
    Laurent Bag?!

    Item: Saint Laurent Large Monogram Chsin Bag
    Listing: private seller
    I'm concerned about its serial number, but I'm not very familiar with YSL in general, would love to hear Your Professional opinion! TIA!
  4. Hi, I've recently bought this YSL monogramme chain wallet pre-loved, but something seems off about it, and I would really appreciate if someone could take a look at it! Especially the edges and the way the ysl hardware is jammed deep into the leather, worries me. I've bought it at a danish secondhand website so I can't give you a link, listing number etc, I hope that's ok.
    I am so worried that I've bought a fake :/
  5. It looks fake to me.... but im not an expert. Lets see what Corame says.
  6. hi! I have got one YSL sunset croc bag mini size, plz check authentic certificate for me? I don't know it fake or real? plz help me, thank you so much
  7. fPM2Xwo.png View attachment 4067990 View attachment 4067991 View attachment 4067997 View attachment 4067995 Hi there,
    Once again I hope you might be able to help me please.

    fPM2Xwo.png View attachment 4067990 View attachment 4067991 View attachment 4067992 View attachment 4067995

    I am looking at purchasing a new but not new YSL handbag found on eBay and would love to hear if you think it checks out. I have never seen one in this colour and the style is new to me (I have 2 x Muse 2).

    The details are:

    Item: YSL YVES SAINT LAURENT Leather Sac Le Sixieme Chain Bag Listing Number: 282960087139
    Seller: joee1166
    Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/yves-saint-laurent-bag/282960087139?_trkparms=aid=111001&algo=REC.SEED&ao=1&asc=20160727114228&meid=cd9c67d00c1b49ae8b1e98eafc44c3f2&pid=100290&rk=2&rkt=4&sd=232759329136&itm=282960087139&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507
    Comments: She says there is no ID code inside but guarantees it is authentic. I'm too novice to know, I am inclined to believe her but since I haven't seen this bag in red anywhere else I would appreciate any feedback from expert eyes :smile:
    s-l1600.jpgs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600 (2).jpgs-l1600 (3).jpgs-l1600 (4).jpg
  8. Item: YSL Medium College Bag
    Listing Number: NOT APPLICABLE
    Seller: Friend of a friend
    Comments: Just bought this item. And I asked for return policy. There is so I need this authenticated :smile:

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    Please help me authenticate! PART 1
    Item: Kate croc embossed flyer corrigeee peinture
    Seller: star8fashion
    Link: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/112531032330
    Comments: already inquired: missing receipt, no box, drawstring looks a bit odd on the dustbag. No sample leather piece. These are the only pictures can be provided. The serial number is too tight to take photos... but it exist. Going to meet up in person to pick up the bag but what should I inspect in real life to help authenticate. Thank you.
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    Second part: with more photos. Thank you again
    32584759_10216588569047117_6597643445437726720_n.jpg32637185_10216588568927114_5560678627529457664_n (1).jpg32637185_10216588568927114_5560678627529457664_n.jpg32648672_10216588569247122_6448412251232665600_n.jpg32780097_10216588569127119_6982223797898182656_n.jpg
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    Hello everyone!
    I purchased a YSL West Hollywood bag while I was on holiday in Prague, from a store that carried more than one luxury brand, but it was on the same street as Prada and Gucci, so it seemed reputable (I paid 1680EUR) This is my first ever designer bag.
    After further inspection I feel like it may be a fake.. I can't seem to find too much about this particular model online, I hope you guys could help me. Here she is :
  12. Some more pictures.. Thank you