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    I initially went to Nordstrom with the intention to purchase the black/nude patent kitten heel. They didn’t have my size so my SA recommended the pebbled leather.

    I tried on the nude and black (in the 100mm height bc they didn’t have the kitten and would have to order).

    What would you say are the pros/cons of the kitten patent versus leather?

    Which colour is best for special outings/occasionally wear to work for meetings?

    Any guidance is appreciated!!
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  2. I prefer the black style because I don't like how much the cage comes up on the ankle in the nude that is my preference as far as which style shoe. I do like the pebble leather it kinda reminds me of chanel caviar leather it looks like it will stay nice looking a long time. If I had to pick a color it would be black because I wear a lot of black so that would be my first choice. Not a fan of the kitten heel. These shoes are sexy!
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  3. Thanks so much! I think I prefer the black too. I wish Valentino would come out with a kitten heel single strap instead of the triple. I worry I won’t wear them if they’re too tall
  4. Honestly, I would get both so you have options for multiple occasions.
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  5. I wish! Maybe one day someday (or if they go on sale)
  6. Both colours are gorgeous!!

    I would try ordering/waiting it out for the patent leather - I feel with such an expensive shoe, I want to be able to wear them relatively carefree and not worry about the delicate leather... patent seems to be more durable, especially around the pointy tip area. Personally, I'd be stressed with the pebble or smooth leather around the tip and patent you can wipe clean if dirty, and this might be harder with a non-patent leather.

    As for colour, black seems more of a dressy night time shoe (especially since the studs contrast so much with the dark colour!), whereas nude looks more 'softer' and the studs don't stand out as much so it can look more appropriate for daytime imo. But hey, you do you and wear what you like when you like
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  7. Just look around online. You’d be surprised. Also, TJ Max got Valentino merchandise a couple of years ago. All the ladies were making a fuss over the Wednesday am when it opened. I was at work and missed out but one of my friends made a good haul. Keep your peeps open
  8. Will def keep an eye out, thanks so much!
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  9. I’m leaning towards the patent black and nude kittens but still at a cross btwn the kittens bc they’re more reasonable heel height. Have also fell in love with the jelly sandals but don’t know if I could justify the price tag. Will keep looking out for deals
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  11. I would wait for what you want. Patent kitten heel.

    But if you’re question is mainly - which among the two colors in your photos are better- my vote goes to black. It pops more against the skin. Looks more striking, IMO.
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  12. Thanks so much!
  13. I don't know whether you've decided yet, but IMO black looks better in this type of leather, nude better for patent leather :smile: did you end up buying the PVC flipflops?
  14. I didn’t end up buying any of them! The Valentino’s are def on my list once I’m able to makeup my mind what colour to get