1. Thanks! I don't think there is time.
  2. Thank you
  3. Can you please help to authenticate this purse I recently purchased from a consignment store. I am pretty sure it is not authentic but I would like a more experienced set of eyes to take a look at it! thank you!
  4. Can someone help me with this passport case please? I asked for a pic of the authenticity tag but the seller says there isn't one. Do these passport cases not have one?20180518_194012.jpg20180518_194034.jpg20180518_194156.jpg
  5. Vintage authentic.
  6. This looks good. On smaller-area items there is often just a small card with the info on it, which can be easily lost.
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  7. Thank u!
  8. All authentic BV have authenticity tags
    The little cards that come with are just care cards and don’t really mean anything
    Look deep in the pockets or slots for an authenticity tag
  9. Actually, they don't. Not attached, anyway. I have two coin purses that came with a small authenticity card with the authenticity info on it - if I was at home I'd dig them out of my file and take a photo for you. I'm *not* talking about those info cards that come with any BV purchase.
  10. Actually they are still sewn in
    I just talked to SA’s and they are sewn in
    If you have pieces without the authenticity tag on let’s say the zip around card case
    It is fake