1. Too out there and will not look good on 99% of the population
  2. This! I have always enjoyed LC‘s collaborations because of the usability, be it Tracy Emin or Jeremy Scott. I simply cannot see myself in one of these bag-jackets or wearing shoes with handles.
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  4. more views of the collection :cray:

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  5. The clothes with handbag arms are so weird. But I love the little double tiny le pliage. Will I get something from this line? I don't know. I had to jump through hoops to get the le pliage pins. Depends on if it's easy or exclusive. I hate making phone calls and giving CC#'s over the phone.
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  6. The LP clothes/shoes are so weird!! They're so funny that I wish I could wear them but there's no way.

    It's also interesting to see that crossbody LP.

    I really do have a soft spot for that tiny LP but I highly doubt that the price will be right.
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  7. from U.S. Longchamp.com


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  8. from instagram

    74D6ACA4-6B14-4462-BDED-213F29256FFB.jpeg A5F61A3F-62D5-4D76-ACC2-B2B4D86A5BED.jpeg 26B5D64D-1A09-4078-9C3E-AAFE43102BA4.jpeg F3126A6B-CA9A-4432-8FF5-F7A34B67AAA4.jpeg 95428D5F-86F6-405C-8606-FCA11FA9CCBF.jpeg 487AE688-05E3-45E4-A41D-D467F7A0E11C.jpeg 2C013DEC-5987-4132-ADF5-6AF37C1AC88A.jpeg 4E68D936-0BC4-4F43-88C5-8EDD2FC16A8C.jpeg
  9. Okay . . . the whole line is on the website, just search shayne oliver. I ordered the backpack in black, the clutch in red and the little double small in pink. :heart: ~ XOXO
  10. Congrats! In case you haven't seen, there's a ton of pics of the Shayne Oliver event at the Soho boutique yesterday and of the bags themselves on instagram under #LongchampByShayneOliver
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  11. Today I took this baby out to Starbucks!
    (With other pics....)
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    IMG_3210.JPG IMG_3213.JPG IMG_3215.JPG I bought this bag the day of launch...love it, but decided to return it because the fabrication of the bag is really off...every single black version of this bag that they pulled out had an inside print that was off by a few centimeters. (The pink and red versions were all fine.) This was actually the least off center one they had. Looking closely, I figured out that one half of the bag is actually sewn to the bottom half incorrectly, it's not the print. It's pretty clear in the photo, less obvious in person. If you're buying one of these, definitely take a close look to make sure it's A-OK inside...sigh.
  13. The Realness ones make me cringe. Realness, for real? eyeroll
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  14. i guess they're cold out? I wanted to get the long strapped crosbbody one
  15. Can you tell me which model the pink one is? I can't seem to find it online. They are both very cute! Also, I was wondering how much can the little black one fit? Thanks!