1. It is hibiscus, which I worried was too bright, but it is the perfect, lipstick blue-red.
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  2. Hello, can anybody suggest whether princetown fur slippers have serial numbers inside? Its all fur lined so no space to print it, or? Just received a gift - a new pair, they look great & seem to be very well made, but are they authentic?
  3. Style number is on the 'tongue' of the upper. Post on Gucci AT Gucci forum but there are plenty of fakes out there.
  4. Thank you for the comment. Yes, I understand that the style number should be down there on the "tongue", but its all fur lined, so that gets me confused.. Will try to check the gucci forum, thanks
  5. I bought mine from Nordstrom in January 2017 and my 3’s are flat on top too. My numbers are also evenly stamped.
  6. Do these mules ever go on sale? I want a pair but am really hesitant to buy these full price because I'm not 100% sure I'll like them (I never wear mules).
  7. They rarely go on sale, sometimes some seasonal ones might buy not the classic designs.
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  8. Hi there. I have two pairs mules, ones with fur ones without. Fur Princetown were purchased from Gucci and have no number. Both pairs do have the r circled on sole.
  9. I received my "pre-ordered" tweed Jordaans. I didn't expect to receive it until after August, but it came just days after I put in the order. The true color is between the photos I posted previously: not as vibrant as the Princetown picture (from Bergdorf), but not as washed out as the Jordaan picture (from Nordstrom). I think the picture I have below is closest -- at least on my screen.

    It runs smallish -- definitely closer fitting than my leather or velvet Jordaans -- but not enough that I would size up.

    IMG_0149 (1).jpg
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  10. ^^Here I am trying on the bees and stars version of the mules. I cannot decide if I should get these or the plain ones (unfortunately they didn't have the plain black in my size). I'm really torn because I love the look of them but am worried about wearing mules (I never wear them and prefer to buy secure shoes). This is because I walk all the time in NYC and need reliable walking shoes. Plus the price tag is scaring me off since I'm not 100% sold on the mules. Should I get these? Or the plain? Hold off? Are the bees and stars print too busy?
  11. I personally love these-have them and the plain black. I wear mine tons!!
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  13. These are what I want and I just saw the off white version of the bees and stars...I’m in LOVE so hard to decide