1. At Barney's (downtown location) in NYC last night, they had Saint Laurent Monogram West Hollywood bag -- small and medium size. Small was blue; medium was light gray. Sorry didn't get a chance to take pics, but links to bags below. I picked up a small in the blue color!
    https://www.barneys.com/product/saint-laurent-monogram-west-hollywood-medium-leather-shoulder-bag-505431527.html (in the light gray)
  2. When does the pre sale happen online?
  3. Pre sale is only ever in store
  4. Well does the stuff from the stores also go on sale on the website at some point? A bag I like has already sold out of presage but is still available online.
  5. Yes, it will go online as sale to the public, not pre-sale. Usually a week after pre-sale, so presumably it will be online next week. Some designers do not go on sale online ever (i.e. Chanel).
  6. Thanks for the info. I will definitely keep checking.
  7. Correct! Online inventory doesn’t have pre-sale as an option. The sale will go live online the morning of the 25th, I believe.

    I suggest putting what you want in your wishlist, and then you can access it ASAP once the sale is live.
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  8. Thanks for the tip. I will do that now.
  9. Saks has Antigona on sales in medium and small and mini
  10. Presale is up online!
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  11. ....apparently not all have access....enjoy if you do!
  12. Got an Antigona this morning!
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  13. Can anyone share the presale link?
  14. There is no link, you have to log in to your Barney’s online account and then you get access. Not sure if all get access or just select customers?
  15. Thanks! I just needed to log in, appreciate your tip :smile:
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