what do you suggest

  1. buy both

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  2. buy the bridle

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  3. buy the tote

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  4. neither

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  1. I missed getting this bag during the Burberry sale, so I stalked Neiman Marcus and was able to get one on sale. This is not the typical type of bag I usually like. I am a satchel person and favor large bags. But, there was just something about this bag. I have only carried it 3 or 4 times but I like it. If used as a cross body, I agree that the strap is a bit short and the back pocket is awkward to get to. The hardware on the short strap makes it so much heavier, but the hardware is what appealed to me.
  2. Great you’re able to get one. Which one did you get - deerskin or bridle leather/mix ? I totally love the design of this bag and can’t wait to wear it!!!

    I plan to see if it can match up with my Rebecca Minkoff strap for cross-body wear.
  3. I have the black deerskin. Yes, good idea on the strap. I will look for a longer one in my collection too.
  4. Did you apply any leather protection on it?
  5. What’s a good leather protector? Just bought a different Burberry bag, in a kind of light color. Don’t want color transfer
  6. Is it deerskin as well? I found one at the handbagspa.com called Dermo Protect. Not sure if it’s good as it was in reference to how to look after deerskin. Might order to try it unless anyone have a good suggestion. Just started researching myself.
  7. It says it is calf leather
  8. It looks absolutely stunning, I love it

    I hate it when bag shoulder straps are not adjustable to a long enough length for crossbody- some crossbody bag straps are just too short!

    Congratulations on the bag though, beautiful!
  9. What does everyone think of the weight of the bag?
  10. Thank you. I love the design and my other crossbody strap fits it perfectly. Just need to find a good protective spray before using.

    Weight of bag is very light in deerskin. Not sure about the other version.
  11. it’s a gorgeous bag
  12. I’m joining with my Baby Bridle in tan
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  13. I completely missed the chance to buy the bridle bag. If anyone knows of one for sale I would greatly appreciate it.
  14. It's available at Farfetch right now; black deerskin version.