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    Hi all!

    So I have been wanting a silver bag and love all versions of Dior silver bags so much and am having the most difficult time picking one.

    I am debating between silver my lady dior in grained calfskin, diorama micro-cannage in silver, metallic silver in grained calfskin. I think I would prefer silver hardware but I’m not sure if dioramas come in silver hardware? (Sorry im new to Dior and am so clueless).

    I also love J’adior studded even though this one is not silver...lol. I’m wondering if I should go with safe colors, like black, and in that case I would get this J’adior...


    At the moment I don’t live near any Dior boutiques so I was hoping to get some advice from you all! Which of these bags would you say I am going to have the least wear and tear problems with? Any color transfer issues? Which would be more classic? I either wear all black but also love wearing colorful and printed midi dresses...)

    Thank you for your help!
  2. 100% the lady dior.
    Its a classic and the leather is very much like the Prada Saffiano so you wouldnt have to worry about wear. There are 2 members on here recently got the bag in Whats your lastest Dior purchase, you should check those out.
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  3. I suggest the MyLadyDior of all the options you posted. It is the most timeless of the choices, and I love the grained calfskin which is very durable.
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  4. I love the two Dioramas with a slight edge to the grained calfskin because I love the gold hardware with the silver.
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  5. I'm totally partial to the two Dioramas. I just got a preloved perforated calfskin one and I love it - SO durable, so "extra"; but I also love that grained calfskin one with the gold chain. (Nice contrast!)
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  6. I vote My Lady Dior
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  7. This is tough as I have the silver microcannage and the MLD but in gold and i love them both! If this is your first and had to choose one I would go LD.
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  8. Thank you all for helping me out! I think my heart is singing MLD so I’ll go for that! And it’s good to know that the material is durable :smile:. Just contacted the nearest boutique and was told that they have this silver one in stock so all is well!!!

    I do love the shape of Diorama so I’ll put Diorama on the wishlist for my second Dior bag ! Maybe one in red? ;)
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