1. Hi guys,

    I have an opportunity to get a beautiful baguette diamond channel set eternity ring in a size 6.5...but I’m a size 5. Cry...

    Is it possible to pull out all the diamonds and have it remade to fit my finger?

    I don’t even mind if it turns out to be a 3/4 eternity instead of full eternity if the stones don’t add up to a full eternity in a size 5.

    Anyone ever reset a full eternity ring? I’ve never done it and don’t know if a jeweler’s going to think I’m nuts or not!
  2. You're really better off buying in your size, or having one custom-made. A lot of bench labor goes into creating a setting w/ multiple seats. It will no doubt cost as much or more to reset, than to purchase new. Particularly using baguettes; they're not very expensive. Good luck!
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  3. if you decide to buy one, check out the noemie baguette band. it's good quality for the price. Around $525 I think.
  4. So you never got a little diamond ring?

    Check out this one, I just discovered these single prong bands.

    This one sparkles so much!

  5. I was so bummed from my first ring and then I got a pair of huggie earrings and those turned out horrible too! I had the worse luck. I ended up buying a 14k gemstone ring from Etsy and I’m a happy camper. I’ve had much better luck on Etsy!
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    So cute! Sorry to hear that you struck out on Amazon. I’ve been looking at Etsy but don’t want to deal with the shipping costs. I just keep on buying Prime and returning. I ended up with the gold version of the one on the right. .75 ct for $499. I love them! If you ever decide to try on Amazon again, Diamond Delight and Vir consistently have the best product. I tried ordering a pair of huggies off of eBay and 1 of 10 diamonds was totally fake! Thank goodness I bought a cheap diamond tester—haha!