1. Wondering if you ladies might have some advice for what to do with these Chanel heels I thrifted for fifty pennies.
    The leather is intact but the white has yellowed and looks very dingy. One shoe is also missing a buckle.
    Is it worth it to dye these black? Would the buckle be hard to replace?

    If anyone can point me to a group that would be better for posting this question - would be much appreciated! IMG_9323.jpgIMG_9324.jpgIMG_9325.jpg
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    I would take them to a leather shop, I have a leather guy in my town that fixes these types of things. Maybe look for someone where you live.

    ETA Maybe you can order a buckle from Chanel. Not sure but worth a try.
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  3. Wow Raven, you cleaned up! If memory serves me right you had found a necklace version of that Tiffany beaded bracelet, didn't you? Always such a treat to find Tiffany's thrift stores missed :biggrin: The alpaca ring is very cool
  4. Holy moly! Story of a life time. Congrats, it will be very tough to beat that find!
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  5. Jama, that looks divine. Glad you are rescuing her. Thanks on the compliments! Keep us posted if you ever decide to dye your scarf.
  6. Lol thanks Raven :smile:
  7. Great find for such an amazing price! I am a DIY coloring and dying rebel but I would not dye the insole leather of that shoe. No matter how good the dye it will be coming off on your feet while wearing. I would just scrub it with alcohol / disinfectant really well.
  8. image.jpg Hit Salvos on Friday and found Ferragamo! 5.99 :smile:
  9. Way to go Tomsmom!! Great little gift.

    Happy mother's day to all ;)
  10. Yes, I did find a Tiffany onyx silver beaded necklace. Thx about the alpaca ring, I wear it every day.
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    On Friday i got a Miu miu bag from the thrift for $10; the coach bag was $3 and the mk watch $5 from the flea market.

    The Coach is for my mom.

    I keep on telling myself i do not another black bag, but i just couldn't resist.

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  12. In the past, I have found four Hermes handbags. It is very exciting and you will find your Hermes one day. Now my white whale is the Chanel, I want a Chanel.
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  13. With the interior, try plain old shaving cream; see if that helps.
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  14. My first Chanel find ever. It’s missing the logo but I’m happy I found them .IMG_8923.jpg
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  15. Lucky! I have been thrifting for almost 30 years and still no Chanel bags or anything Hermes other than ties :sad:
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