1. Hi all!

    I am traveling to Europe for business in about 3 weeks and will be in Finland as well as London. I'd love to purchase a new bag during the trip and am debating around what to purchase.

    I currently own:
    Neverfull MM DE
    Pochette Metis reverse Monogram

    My absolute max in terms of budget is around $6,000 USD, but would stretch for the right bag! I think I'd like a nice bag that is something I could definitely wear for weekend errands or dinner - but something that could also fit very well in a nice, upscale evening dinner as well.

    I was thinking around the following:

    ~Lady Dior
    ~Chanel M/L or Jumbo Classic Flap (caviar)
    ~Chanel Medium Boy (caviar)
    ~LV City Steamer
    ~LV Montaigne MM/GM

    If you were in London, WWYD?
  2. Because those Chanel bags are more expensive than those Vuitton bags, and with your generous budget, I'd totally get the Chanel Classic Flap or Boy if I was in Europe, and maximize those VAT savings!
  3. I'd go for the Chanel classic flap!
  4. Chanel! Have you checked out the reissue? That would be my vote in 226 size.
  5. Thanks Ladies. Anyone have any other ideas? I am pretty torn about getting either the M/L / Jumbo Classic Flap or a Boy bag at the moment. I have a crossbody already in the Pochette Metis which is awesome though, so I'm starting to side more towards the classic flap with the savings I'd get in the EU, but I love the Boy as well and my dollar would stretch even further with that since I can buy it at Heathrow.

    I leave on Sunday! I am getting so excited.
  6. To round this thread out, I purchased the Chanel classic flap in Jumbo, black with SHW and a Speedy 30 Damier Azur while I was in London!
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