1. A couple of pix from the current “heavenly bodies” exhibit at the Met, NYCF20E7C19-6023-4D16-BBF4-6022E5FE27E8.jpeg 6DA4595A-DA74-462F-B0ED-487C5ED6543C.jpeg
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  2. Yay! I am also your twin, and I also avoid orange!!! This cw is definitely the exception, though....the colors are just so gorgeous.

    Have a fabulous trip!
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  3. Thank you!! I’m taking some time to decompress and do some preliminary apartment hunting before I begin Barbri next week. Glad I can justify watching law and order as a studying break I’ve been told as long as you do much of what they assign to you, it will be fine! I’ll be trying out a couple of different areas to start, but I have a feeling I will end up doing M&A!
  4. Yeah! Did you also buy CW 06 the blue/grey one?
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  5. moma actually told me to get a tee with Papertiger printed as a slogan ha
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  6. Funny thing, the house is hundreds of years old, and apart from it not actually having an inside bathroom originally (tin bath from the 1920s where ad when the top floor was sealed) we're basically just putting everything back where it was to begin with. If only everyone had left the house alone for the last hundred years all we'd have to do is put a new bathroom in.

    All that research ad self-knowledge comes in so comes in so handy when faced with an H 'supermarket-sweep', very well done in the scarf stakes Genie.

    ITA, I find different cws sometimes look remarkably distinct even in the same design. I have to admit that it was a v hard task to choose between the green Iris moussie and the green iris 90 which were similar apart from the border, type and size. The black border of the 90 clinched it for me but I was a hair's whisker to buying both.
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  7. Looks great! Have a fun and safe trip!
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  8. Casual OOTD to run errands. Finally warmed up to carry gold B although I’m still wearing darks, haha
  9. Yup....oh I was soooo bad...I bought a few different cws....
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  10. Very refined :tup:

    Taking me a while to transition to sunnier colours too
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  11. Bon voyage!!!

    Looking good s1, I didn't manage to find a Samurai GM cw for me but 3 cheers for those that did. .
  12. I'd love to see this exhibition, I hope they bring it to London as I don't have to fly to NY
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  13. So I guess your answer to the question, are 5 and 6 sufficiently different to justify buying both? Would be YES.
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  14. I never saw any Iris moussies IRL (probably a good thing!), but it was the black border of the green 90 that wowed me too.
  15. This looks great. Love that tunic and belt.
    Uh-oh, are we not supposed to wear gold with darks? I do this all the time.
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