1. My gorgeous Gucci Dionysus suede in black. Really concern about the black, but I don't really like the canvas one with logos on it, so I opted for this one. Hopefully it can be worn really well. 20180513_095336.jpg
  2. This lovely pink Chanel clutch is on its way to my house as we speak
  3. Very first post on the purse forum = Very last handbag I boughtB7E7BC0F-9D16-48DB-AD01-2FD0E4482C3E.jpeg
  4. Very cool!
  5. Thanks! Completely unexpected, but the chain detail got me...
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  6. Is she easy to use? Low maintenance, easy access, etc...?
  7. BV galuchat knot
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    To be honest, I have yet to use it as I see it as more of a Fall/Winter bag although it’s from the Spring collection. The bag is more structured, so I’m guessing it may be easier to find things in it compared to a Speedy (without organizer). With respect to access, it’s ok as long as you don’t mind the slightly tighter zipper opening due to its boxy structure. I like the contrast of the low maintenance reverse monogram canvas on the bottom half of the bag to the smooth calfskin on the top, but I do foresee potential wear on the calfskin with use (especially getting in and out of it)... time will tell. For now, it’s certainly pretty to look at!

    (I just realized the photo I used above shows the strap from my reverse monogram Pochette Metis, which I intend to use to allow crossbody carry. The bag itself comes with a shorter black strap for shoulder carry.)
  9. One more aldo to the stock! :smile:
  10. I purchased this used. Opinions? Ralph Lauren Alligator. Is this considered a Ricky style?
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  11. Latest addition to the family
  12. LV Siena MM. It should be coming via UPS today! :biggrin:
  13. IMG_2041.jpg

    Bought this little cutie a few days ago and I’m enjoying it immensely
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  14. Vintage Hermes Kelly
  15. LOVE that bag.
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