1. Stilly
    I must agree with the others the UnBouts are simply stunning. I LOVE the way they show the position of the toes. I just think that is like SO much sexier than just toe cleavage, don't you ? I wish I was a designer for Louboutin's. I would do the UnBout style with a 135mm heel in a rainbow of colors and skins. Wouldn't that be just heaven ?
  2. You absolutely should wear more minis dear. Your legs are gorgeous and all these CL's make your feet look divine.
  3. Here is what a pair of 135mm UnBouts would look like. Aren't they totally gorgeous ? I can't imagine that Mr Louboutin would not want to produce such a totally lovely pair of heels !
    135mm UnBouts.jpg
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  4. This style looks great on you with so much detail that fits together very well. I like the snake skin, ankle straps, tinted pvc, and great toe cleavage. The thicker Pigalle heel looks great with all of this detail and looks very sturdy yet very sexy.
  5. That's wonderful Birkin!
    I agree the white SK booties are very on trend for spring/summer and will be great now.
    The black SK's are classics and will be great for the colder fall/winter season.
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  6. Thanks Birkin!
  7. Thanks so much Obelix!
  8. Thanks nidaodi! :smile:
  9. Thanks so much Christina!
    I do love the Un Bouts and I was thrilled to find this pre-owned python pair in my size so many years after their release.
    I would love a pair with the 130mm heel...but alas I fear the era of the 130mm styles with CL may be in the past...hopefully to come back around soon as most trends in fashion do!
  10. How sad for so many of us if the 130mm heels are in the past. Makes my Hot Chicks all the more precious to me. I do hope they come around again. Higher and sooner.
  11. Polka, Polka, Polka Dots!!!
    IMG_6568.JPG IMG_6589.JPG IMG_6579.JPG IMG_6563.JPG IMG_6588.JPG IMG_6561.JPG IMG_6574.JPG IMG_6571.JPG IMG_6578.JPG IMG_6585.JPG
  12. Christina2, as a professional photographer and photo retoucher, I’m highly impressed by your retouching of that photo!
  13. Thank you. That type of retouching does take a lot of time and effort (especially with 4 inch nails -lol) but I really don't mind to take the time. It was truly a labor of love.
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