1. And in reality, this seller has turned out to be a scammer after selling the OP a SNAD item. While she may not have been a scammer at the time of the OP, her appeal of the decision with her claim of the buyer returning a different item then her subsequent relisting of the same improperly described bag with the same pictures indicates (IMO) that the seller is trying to scam the OP.
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  2. Oh I did not realize this- I thought a relist would keep the same item number. Good to know.
  3. If necessary, point out to eBay that she relisted this "different" item with the same description and pictures. Give them the item number of your purchase, point them to the "relisted" notice and then point them to the item number of the current listing.
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  4. Definitely a scammer now!
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  5. Update - got another email stating that the "case is on hold" same message as before - only date is now pushed back another 5 days till the 20th :sad:
  6. Why?
  7. BeenBurned - messaged you , I will paste here:

    Just got off of another pone call with the eBay appeal dept. She assured me that there is no way that I have to worry about my refund because it was already processed and completed. She said once a case has reached a final decision and refund has been received, it is not overturned. Which is a huge relief (if in fact true).

    She let me know that the seller called in to appeal a second time, hence the case hold extension, this time claiming that the bag they received back was damaged (no kidding, it was sent that way). She said that now I am no longer a part of the case, and that it is between eBay and the seller to determine if they get a "courtesy" refund for receiving back a defective / damaged item...

    I directed her to the SAME relisted item and pointed out that it had the same pictures, same (misleading) description, and told her that the seller is taking advantage of the system. Needless to say she was surprised. She stated that she will report the seller and advised that I do so as well, through the listing - but I can't figure out what to select from the options. She said it could still go either way but that was all I could do to help at this point.

    The thought that this person could get away with keeping the bag, get over 1K from eBay as a "courtesy", and then resell it again makes me sick. And I feel bad for the poor buyer who buys it next... I am taking a long break, if not permanent from eBay. :sad: Thank you for listening, I'm sure updates from this stupid saga are annoying at this point.
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  8. :wtf:

    And to think this Seller Might just get a $1K "courtesy" refund just blows my mind! :wtf:

    ETA: OP? Your updates are NOT annoying! :heart:
  9. Thank you. I sure feel annoying... just because it is dragging on so long. Thank you for your support :heart:
  10. Definitely keep updating us! :tup:
  11. +1 :yes:
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  12. Being a prolific ebayer for 20 years (buying and selling), I really wish you would reconsider. Leaving positive feedback/ratings for someone who knowingly misrepresented an item is doing other buyers a great disservice. I rely heavily on feedback/ratings when making purchase decisions on eBay. As a paying customer, I expect to receive the item exactly as it was represented to me. If I were purchasing a bag at a retail outlet, I would certainly not purchase something off the shelf that were soiled or damaged and pay full price for it. My expectation would be that an item like that would not be offered for sale, or that it would be heavily discounted. My expectations are not different when making an online purchase. It's about integrity. Feedback and ratings are the only tools we have against unscrupulous online sellers; if someone is dishonest with me and won't make it right, their feedback and ratings will always fully reflect this so the next customer can make a more informed decision.
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  13. Any new updates?
  14. I am out of town on business but checking eBay to see if I get any case updates. I have not heard anything, but see that the seller still has the bag listed. Since the 20th has come and gone, the case must be closed- I assume either 1) they received a courtesy payment from eBay or 2) their case was denied. I have no way of knowing, just hoping it was the latter!! I just don’t see how if #2 was the outcome, why would Ebay still allow them to relist?
  15. I should change that statement- regardless of the outcome, even if ebay believed them that the bag that they received back was not the same bag, or severely damaged *which it was, that was what I received!!!* why they would allow it to be relisted so grossly described.