1. did you pick anything up? Hope you had a great time. Looks like the weather was beautiful!
  2. Any h-citement ?hehe
  3. Haha no I am saving my h-citement for the new store that opens walking distance to my house in Palo Alto, CA in a few weeks :smile: I steered clear of entering on purpose!
  4. It was a great day but luckily I had limited shopping time due to imminent dinner reservations and decided to be good until the Palo Alto store opens. ;)
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  5. I'm headed to Copenhagen for memorial day weekend (for my dinner reservation at Noma!!), looking forward to visiting the store too!
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  6. I ate at Noma while there! The new location and facility is really wonderful and airy. You feel very connected with nature while there.

    Have fun and enjoy it!!
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  7. you're a lot stronger than I am!
  8. I was just in Copenhagen... didn't make it to this shop in town but managed to go to the airport duty free shop, which had lots of goodies! I scored an Evelyne PM in Etoupe... they had more Evies, a Toolbox, a Jypsiere, lots of wallets, bracelets, scarves, shoes... Happy shopping!!
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  9. wow! glad to know this. i will be in copenhagen airport for 3 hours waiting for transit in sept, i am getting exceited now :biggrin:
  10. I got my first Birkin at the Copenhagen store today. I went there yesterday to buy my husband a birthday gift and asked if they could but på name on the waitinglist for the gold one in 35 and they had the bag in stock. My first Birkin hopefully not the last
  11. yay congrats!
  12. Congrats, your B35 in gold is a classic neutral and I’m so happy for you! Enjoy your first Birkin, hopefully there will be more
  13. Thank you so much! I’m hoping for that to
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  14. Congrats !! Got your desired color and size on the first trial !! Do you know if Bs & Ks are reserved only for locals?
  15. I dont think so. I’m not local and the SA Said nothing about beeing a local is a must.