1. UGH:mad::cursing::crybaby:My heart breaks for you woman. This stinks bigtime:tdown:. So sorry as this should NOT be happening to sweetest you. Early congrats on your red item & I hope you will LOVE it:heart::flowers:
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  2. Thank you for your support, ladies! :hbeat: I have to remind myself though that this is a luxury problem and self-inflicted and the seller is helpful so it could be a lot worse. I'm just wondering how the bag has been coping during all of this. I was going to joke about it maybe needing to go to a bag spa after its ordeal but that really isn't a joke around here when it comes to a new bag, is it :panic: So let's hope not!
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  3. oh no! I'm sorry!. I hope she makes a safe journey back to the US and then off again to your location. She will be well rested and ready to be carried!
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  4. Thank you :flowers: Luckily for me I found the Ultra Violet City in between, which probably helped a lot in keeping my mind off the Sorbet. But now, I really want to see my Sorbet! :yes:
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  5. I really feel sorry for you dear, can’t believe this has happened but I’m sure you’ll finally get it!!:tup::tup::heart:
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  6. :hugs:

    My Italist purchase is at least on the move, it's been processed by DHL in Bergamo, Italy :tup: I think it's in the Tango Red though, so not sure I'll love it, but I needed to see it.
  7. Sorry for going OT but you are all here in this thread, so: If I finally get my Sorbet City and now that I have an Ultra Violet City, I had a sudden weird thought that maybe I don't need a red City at all... :shocked: Can you believe it? I've been pining for one ever since I became a member here. But I'm also pining for a red Loewe Puzzle, if they ever make a berry red one in smooth leather.

    Maybe with a blue City, which I feel is a must have for me, and maybe an extra black, I'll have enough City:s and it's time for more variation, like a Puzzle. *gasp* This change of thought is like a total bag paradigm shift for me :lol:
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  8. :lol::tup:I totally get that....it’s happened to me before several times! Plus “variation” is a good thing (imho) Now I have to run & go do a “Sorbet prayer” for you!:hugs:
  9. I think a red bag is a must have — be it a red City or a red Puzzle. Can’t go wrong with either or both. I seemed to recall that you were dying to get a red Bal (above all other colors besides black) — or am I not remembering correctly (which is quite impossible)? Of course, it’s also ok to change your mind/preference too.
  10. i second @Iamminda
    a red Bal is a 'must have' :tup:n especially a brand new one!
    you are stressed with all the hassle you've been through with Sorbet, but this will pass, and I am sure you will love you new red Beast! :heart:
  11. Just got this beauty! Can't figure out which red she is or year?ATTACH=full]4070835[/ATTACH]
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  12. IMG_1526554807.051420.jpg paid 129$ for her!
  13. Congratulations, muggles! Whatever red this is (Rouge Vif? Just a newbie guess!), it's glorious :loveeyes:
  14. Speaking of red... I have something for you :graucho:

    A reveal and it's almost done in "real time", I have actually not opened the Bal box yet. I know, my self restraint is impressive :yes:
  15. Thank you!