1. Gucci shoes 40% off at Barney’s presale happening now, in-store.

    5B8DA99E-D540-468F-857C-2CAA04D798A8.jpeg C6A63F0B-7CC3-4669-8AA8-26A488B90BBC.jpeg 4F903AEA-9744-4671-906D-5CE151F2F2F6.jpeg
  2. Yeah, this is from MAS. Not everyone on this forum is subscribed to MAS, so I was sharing the information from MAS here to be helpful for everyone who either is not subscribed to MAS or hasn’t yet seen that info, especially since nothing else had been mentioned about Barney’s or MAS here for SS18 previously.

    I would assume anyone who knew the photos originated from MAS originally would very obviously know that this was information being passed along by me to be helpful to the greater forum and it was therefore also all the information I had about it. Why would I not provide additional information or products if I had it?

    Am I missing something blatantly obvious here and/or is there a reason you didn’t share this info with the greater community yourself if you were already aware of it before I posted it? Should I not be sharing helpful info with everyone else?
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  3. Just need to identify where pics are from when posting. Thanks for sharing. I’d luv to score some Gucci shoes!
  4. Is there somewhere that "rule" is posted that I can reference? It shouldn't matter where the photos are from. The information provided is that the presale at Barneys has started and it's at 40% off, not "oh hey, here are some photos I personally took" -- I've never seen photos cited anywhere else on these forums, so this seems odd. I also find it odd how little info is shared here that is well-known to many, but not to all. (i.e. like that Barneys presale started and what the % is)
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  5. To be fair, you did post that Barney’s was having a sale... followed by pictures that are not from the Barney’s sale. I think she only meant one should clarify where the pics are from should someone assume they can find all these shoes at Barney’s. Thanks for sharing nonetheless.
  6. Those literally ARE photos of the Gucci shoes on sale at Barneys. They're the photos of Gucci shoes on (pre)sale at Barneys that MAS posted on their blog. Not seeing what the issue is here.
  7. No issue at least for me. I’m not a mod. But I do know somewhere on here it’s been stated to give credit to where photos are from if not yours. Can we get back on topic? I wish Barney’s was near me.
  8. Thanks for sharing, me searching for the nearest Barney's :biggrin:
  9. I believe the rule you’re referring to is in the no chat deals thread, not this one.
  10. Its in other threads as well. Many of the fashion threads etc. we have always been told to credit the photo.perhaos it’s based on the mod. Regardless, I’m not the one who was complaining. Just trying to get us all back on track on topic.
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  11. I couldn’t resist these from Gucci Kids outlet in Cabazon! :heart: I may have to borrow them when I’m feeling whimsical. :yahoo:

    Heart wristlet

    Miss owl



    Crested messenger


    Rocket ship crossbody

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  13. I don’t know the availability, but I have a great SA there; if you need SA info, PM me. She’ll text you pics of what she currently has. We bought an adorable striped bee, too, but that is wrapped up for my daughter’s birthday! :smile: The owl was $409, and the heart wristlet was $189. These were bought a couple of weeks ago.
  14. They are adorable! Great finds.
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