1. Hi TT, browsing threads to see what the small pave frivole earrings in YG would look like with matching pendant.

    I am a matchy-matchy type of gal, I like the option of wearing the earrings/pendant alone as well as together. The YG pave frivole earrings recently caught my attention and I was surprised to see that there was no small pave YG pendant option, only the larger size.

    Is this the YG you have on? It looks beautiful. Would you by chance have more pics? These are a bit blurry and I would love to see more clearly what the look like on together! TIA!
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  2. Yes this is the large frivole pendant and the pave earrings -in yellow gold
    Let me see if I have more photos ....
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  3. Ahh....I was recently enabled to try yg pave earrings and pendant on together ️️️ I'm with TT on this, a trifecta (or hat trick ) would be PHENOMENAL
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  4. Thank you :smile:
  5. Hi Toronto24 :smile: could you pls pls pls post a mod shot?
  6. I have the large model pave Frivole pendant and the small model pave Frivole earrings in YG
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    Small YG frivole pave earrings and pendant.

    The angle is making the pendant look a lot smaller. It is the same size as the earrings. I did love the large pendant too (enabled from TTs photos).