1. Saks sa has this. Pls pm for sa info. Thanks.

    Chanel 39. $540 from $1350 final Sale

  2. Wow, I just popped on the thread because I've been so busy at work that I haven't really even thought about the sale, except for here or there, and it looks like there were some great deals. To say that I'm pissed is putting it mildly. I was at the NM in White Plains at few weeks ago, and they had almost nothing left, and they said the sale was a "month ago." I had been in there not two weeks before, and nothing was on sale. I have been in the NM in Paramus, NJ several times and never saw anything on sale. I have been in contact with AT LEAST two SAs that I have worked with in the past, asking them as early as November to let me know when things went on sale, and I got NOTHING from them.

    Does anyone else feel betrayed by SAs that you've given business to in the past? I guess I'm getting nothing this year...sigh.
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  3. NM in White Plains only had a select few shoes on the floor. Most of them sell out in presale/ days prior and never even make it. The ones they had on the floor weren’t that great. I feel bad that your SA’s didn’t contact you prior to sale!! It’s happened to all of us. They are also VERY busy during sale so I try not to get mad at them
  4. I wouldn't say betrayed! In my experience, unless you are a top customer (buy consistently, not so much the dollar amount but they see you in the store buying every time, they don't tip you off on sales or go the extra miles. After all they see thousands of people everyday, and they may seem pleasant but they forget you when you are out of sight.

    I know when things went on sale at NM, just by knowing the timing from past years, that usually CLs and Chanels go on sale few weeks after other designers. Sometimes they don't display the sales so well, like in my store, the chanel were on a separate table, next to the sales rack without any sale sign for a week or two, then they placed the sale sign on the table at the second cut, then they go moved to the sales rack at consolidation sale. And for accessories, I had to ask, may I see what you have on sale, then they would bring it the tray, otherwise you wouldn't even know anything was on sale. I told my friend that Chanel shoes are on sale, check them out, she went to the store and came back and said I didn't see any chanel shoes on sale, I went the next day, and she completely had missed the sales table going straight to the sales rack.

    After all for us shopaholics it's the hunt of the great deal, gives us pleasure. So a little pro activeness on our part should be expected.
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  5. Is sale over as well now in Europe?
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  6. I understand where you’re coming from. But unfortunately you have to be persistent with your SA. I text my SA’s a few weeks before the sale starts and make sure I’m on presale if they offer it. Sometimes I even feel like a pest. But in my experience (only), I’ve found some SA can get get annoyed with sale even if you buy retail often as I do. I have 7 chanel SA from Bloomingdales to Saks. I make sure
    I’m texting them regularly and sending them pictures of the sale stuff I want. Unfortunately it’s often allot of work on my part and texting them as I’m sure everyone is bugging them tying to get sale also but if your a huge chanel fan, I find it’s worth it:smile:.
    Hope this helps! And summer sale isn’t too far away! ️
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  7. I couldn’t figure out where to post this so hopefully someone will have some upcoming info.
    Does anyone have any intel as to when the chanel sale will be? Is it getting close or is it in july/August? I want to try to be smarter act fast and hopefully i score something.
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  8. It’s normally in June, if you sign up to the chanel website, mailing list, you will receive the reminder
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  9. For some reason, I swear a Chanel SA told me it is the third week in June...
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  10. Thank you I’m going to be on ths lookout
  11. In a few weeks perhaps I should create a thread for the summer sale!