1. QVC Hydrangea small leisure shopper in blue, with my light blue Daphne. 20180512_112738.jpg
  2. What a perfect combo to celebrate spring. Enjoy.
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  3. Gorgeous!
  4. So, the zipper isn't working well. Oye. So disappointing.
  5. Try bar soap or an unlit white candle or wax paper. Rub one of them lightly over the top, bottom, and teeth of the zipper to lubricate it. Might help. The SA in the Dooney stores often use wax paper on stiff zippers. Very often the combination of a little wax and exercising the zipper rids it of it's stubbornness. Hope it works for you.
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  6. They are lovely and such a nice photo too!
  7. I love my Lexington tote!
  8. That's great. Which size do you have?
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  9. This is the standard tote, not the small.
  10. This beauty came today. It's the paige, but it's a special run for autism awareness. I am in love. 20180526_212024.jpg20180526_212037.jpg
  11. I'm glad you love your new handbag. The link to such a worthy cause is a good thing for Dooney to be involved with.
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  12. Both of my kids are on the spectrum, so it's a subject very near to me.... I think it was done so tastefully as well :smile:
  13. I added these items to my Dooney collection during the Summer Preview sale. I'd been wanting a small, dressy black purse, and the Mini Janine in black patent was an especially good buy. I chose the Small Lexington Shopper in Caribbean Blue to carry as a Summer work purse. I couldn't resist adding the Continental Clutch and Small Coin Case in the same color. LOVE this set!mini Janine.JPG lexington shopper.JPG
  14. Enjoy your new Dooney handbags and accessories. Black patent leather always a great looking choice. Just be careful and keep it far away from any aerosol sprays.... hair spray, perfume, room spray, etc and also away from any chemicals. To my sad experience, I've found that these things eat thru the top coating of the patent leather and can make tiny little holes in the patent leather. Otherwise it's an easy bag to enjoy and will look very sharp no matter what clothing you pair it with.

    I especially love the Caribbean blue pebbled leather. I want to add that to my Dooney collection too. It's such a pretty color. I'm sure I'll cave and order something in Caribbean blue before the summer is over. The more I see it, the harder it is to resist. Enjoy your small Lexington, wallet, and
    coin case. Having matching accessories is such an elegant look. I hope it makes you smile every time you open your handbag. :smile:
  15. Hi Lavenderjunkie:
    Thank you for your reply. I love showing off my Dooneys! Thanks too for the heads-up about patent leather. It's been a while since I've owned patent leather.

    The photo doesn't do justice to the Caribbean Blue. It is even prettier IRL. You should cave and order something in that color. I too think matching accessories are an elegant look. I smile every time I open one of my Dooneys!
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