1. The smaller line doesn't bother me. Just the larger one. I think it is kind of like the vine/stem. My flowers just seem to be straying off the stem a bit. Just a large swoop once I hold it in the right position that makes it more pronounced. It made me go....hmmm....is that a slice in the leather?
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  2. Even my tea rose clutch has those swoops under the flowers...was wondering what they were supposed to be!
  3. Oh, I know they are supposed to be there. I just notice them more on this particular one and may be just mine. I have it out and will look at some online photos. I can depend how the bag is sitting. I don't have a tea rose in this size and never noticed it when looking at this bag in the store. If the ends of the flowers lift up a little as it slouches, it seems to open that space up and then I see one long swoop of the "stem". Not liking that.....
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  4. I think I see what you’re saying, it almost looks like the bag happens to crease where the stem is? I’m not sure if it’s my eyes playing tricks on me after you described your concern, or if it’s actually there. I promise you though, if you hadn’t mentioned it no one would have ever noticed. It’s a beautiful bag - I don’t think this would bother me.

    But I’m not you. I’m not sure how long ago you purchased or what your options are, but if you can’t look past this then I hope you’re able to find something perfect.
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  5. Yes, that's a great way to describe it and now that you describe it that way, I see why it is more prominent. The stem is actually slightly carved out so it is a weak spot in the leather probably so that is why is sort of slouches there. It reminds me of a scar.

    I was just online comparing the flowers on my bag to others that sold on the bay and they have the same set up. My bag seems to want to slouch forward even if I re-arranged my items and took out a heavier item.

    I changed how a few of the flowers overlap each other and it makes it much better. Maybe when I took out all those protectors they got out of whack. Now I just have to figure out how to get it to sit back instead of sitting on "it's belly". I'll have to be careful about wear if this continues. Luckily I have several bags and try to take good care of all of them.

    I'll try to figure out how to train it to sit up straight! My mother was never successful with me so let me see how I do with my bag! Karma....
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  6. Oh no, I just heard my mothers voice telling me to sit up straight in my head

    Maybe that’s why I like slouchy bags so much

    Good luck!
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  7. B22F026E-FFAE-4E53-844E-5250926B9890.jpeg My Ruby Rogue 25 and Rexy.
    I think I should have more Rogues
  8. We think so too!
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  9. Is this a warrantable glazing issue, or is it wear and tear and imminent?
    I got this bag (25) for Christmas, used it probably 20x.
    I noticed some cracks in the glazing today, they're where the suede flap folds in to the bag. Here's some pictures of a typical crack (it's similar on the other side):

    glazing crack.jpg rogue.jpg
  10. Yes! That is covered by warranty! It’s called the edge stain and it is a simple fix! I sent my bag in to have to edge stain repaired and it was no big deal
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  11. Thanks for helping me figure out what is going on! I'm much happier about it now. Just took a little closer look to see what is going on! Appreciate the second set of eyes!
  12. Thank you! Phew. I was worried about it but now I can use it (reasonably) and send it in later. How long is the warranty, 1 year?
  13. I believe so.
  14. After 1 year they will still fix it but you will have to pay a small fee.
  15. I think many of us on tPF Coach forum agree with you. :lol: