1. Hey guys! So I bought this WG JUC in Cancun and I just noticed that there’s these black markings on my bracelet when I asked the SA in the Cartier boutique in Cancun they told me it was the signature of the jewelry or something that created the particular piece. This is the new lock mechanism model and just wanted to see what you guys thought and if your JUC also has a marking from its maker haha thanks!
  2. OMG I just bought an Écrou bracelet and it had the exact same markings on the fixed bolt. I thought it was a defect but when I contacted the boutique they told me all the Écrou bracelets they carry have these markings. It’s some kind of a stamp.
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  3. My wg JUC ring has this mark on the botton
  4. I also have a JUC ring, and this mark is normal.