1. Hi Miss Dawn! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your closet posts. I stumbled on it today, and once I saw the first few posts with your jaw-dropping closets and impeccable organization - I was hooked! I just had to read the whole way through :smile:

    How fun it was to watch your collection grow and evolve over the last 2 years!! :hbeat:
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  2. It's been a busy week, dear @Iamminda, but I'm glad it's the weekend! I only plan to work a little over the weekend. I hope you're doing great :hugs:
    Oh, I just saw the Zoe wallet on the LV website. I know you love LV SLGs, and I think I can't resist this one. It's even smaller than the Rosalie! I shall send a link and not so subtle hint to Mr Dawn...
    Be still my beating heart :loveeyes:
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  3. Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I reorganised my bag cupboard again yesterday, to fit my newest acquisition (Gucci Marmont in Hibiscus Red :heart:) and it's all looking nice and neat :biggrin:

    I've actually only been posting since last May, so all the changes are in the past year! I love all my acquisitions over this year, and I'm definitely slowing down because I don't feel I have many gaps in my wardrobe left :smile:
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  4. LOL, Mr Dawn always hears your “hints” loud and clear (unless Mr Iamminda :sad:). The Zoe wallet is super cute but I think I need to stick with my ZCPs (or CC coin purse). I hope you like it and get one soon. Have a great weekend Miss Dawn.
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  5. Congratulations! Wow this is such happy news! It's good you know to take care of yourself and enjoy the rewards of all your hard work!

    I didn't get updates and just found this. Congrats on your cute new red bag too!
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  6. Dear Iamminda, Mr Dawn heard the hint (?) (request?) (order? ):lol:. He brought the rose ballerine Zoe for me, and I was so excited by how pretty it was. Unfortunately it was just too dinky. I couldn't even fit my small edit of cards in it. So I am sticking with my Chanel zippy coin purse and Rosalie coin purse. We returned the Zoe. I did a lot of window shopping along Bond Street today and I've shortlisted a few other things to (maybe) purchase instead :angel:

    Which CC coin purse do you have dear Iamminda? I know you have a lovely collection of LV ZCPs :yahoo:
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  7. That's extremely kind of you my friend @tealocean
    I hope you are doing very well :hugs:
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  8. Hi Miss Dawn. Are you working much this weekend? Hope not. It seems Mr Dawn is so in tuned with your needs (for luxury goods and everything else :smile:. What a bummer that the Zoe didn’t work out. Oh well, there will be other new pretties in the future.

    I have a black CC lambskin quilted crossing (chevron-like) coin purse. I like the way it looks a lot but it is a tad smaller than my ZCPs (so a little less ideal...but so pretty to me).
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  9. :hugs:

    I found my pretty!!!!

    I wanted to buy something to celebrate an event I'm speaking at this week, as well as another pay rise and bonus, but I was planning to buy something relatively small like a pair of Chanel shoes.

    I had shortlisted a pair of shoes last weekend, but before committing to the purchase I thought I'd wait till this weekend for the new collection.

    And there was a very very special bag in this collection...

    Just bought it :yahoo::yahoo:
    Here is a picture of me carting it jubilantly around London. Will wait to unbox until my excitement settles down a bit :biggrin:

    It's unbelievably beautiful and unique (I think). Very happy :girlsigh:
  10. OMG!! Cant wait. Heading out to lunch now and hope to see your new pretty when I get back. I am bursting with excitement for you.
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  11. Sharing @Iamminda ‘s excitement!!! So happy for your work happiness and your new Chanel baby . Will check back for your phenomenal reveal!!!
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  12. Thank you both, my dear friends.

    I have not unboxed my gorgeous new Chanel yet...
    But here is a picture of the box lurking in my roses when I brought her home!

    Two reasons for the delay.
    1) I am wondering whether to unbox now and wear to my important event on Thursday, or to wait until after the event to unbox it as a celebration?! :smartass:
    2) If I wait to unbox until at least tomorrow, Mr Dawn will probably have bought me fresh flowers (he often wakes up before me on Sundays and buys flowers, and occasionally croissants :smile:).

    I think I will sleep on this important decision of when to unbox my bag and hug it :biggrin:

    (Yes, I am a ridiculous and frivolous person :cool:)
  13. Of course Miss Dawn, please sleep on it and take your time to savor this excitement. When you are ready to do your reveal, we will be here. Thanks for the additional pictures of the pretty CC box :smile: and flowers. Have a great night and a fantastic week ahead :smile:
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  14. I think Minda and I can wait a few days for this magical reveal!!! Every luxe purchase should be savored. We have our popcorn ready!!
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  15. Drum roll please...

    Ta dah!!!

    Coco handle in caviar with ruthenium hardware. It's a gorgeous gunmetal / pewter colour. Very unique and all caviar including the handle (Yayyy!!)

    I understand that she only arrived in London as part of the 18A collection yesterday.

    I feel so excited to own her. She's so professional looking with a top handle design, and the dark grey is a sober colour, but her metallic sheen will just give my outfits a 'pop'. I don't think she is a very safe choice, but she does suit me, and I think we will be good friends :heart:

    I now have a classic flap, a boy and a coco handle. All 3 of the most popular Chanel styles according to the SA. I feel very lucky :hbeat: