1. I’m in love with this bag! Thoughts?
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  2. I like the studs! I don't have any in person experience with it, but it looks beautiful!
  3. I just got this in white and love it
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  4. I purchased the smaller one this past Saturday and I love love love it!!! I started wearing it yesterday and already received so many compliments from strangers and friends. As I wore it throughout the day the leather got looser, more flexible and looked better. The price is pretty inflated in Canada, but still so worth it IMO. I love it because the brand label is so subtle and it has a classy look. All the best!
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  5. What color did you get. The leather is nice
  6. I got black. I love love love it!!!!
  7. Those of you who have this bag, do you still love it? I haven’t seen it in person but from the pictures it looks really pretty and functional. I’m considering this in one of the white shades vs. a Coach chalk duffle with rivets that just came out.
  8. Yep. Still love it. Its very functional. I also have it in white. The leather is really nice. I don’t baby it and it’s spot free.
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  9. Thanks! I've noticed that this subforum isn't very active and I just got finished reading another thread on here about the terrible customer service that people have received ordering directly from RM. That's terrible to hear. I hope it gets better soon if it hasn't already.
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