1. Looks good, the name escapes me. Someone might be able to chime in. It is the smaller sister of Emmy.
  2. Thanks so much! If someone does know the name that would be great, for future reference in case I don't win this one.
  3. The orange bag above is an Alana and I think the colour is Ginger.
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    Hi there,
    Could you please look at this for me? Already purchased...
    No riri or Mulberry stamp on the back of the inside pocket zipper.
    Many thanks.

    Item name: Mulberry postman’s lock/Edie satchel
    Item number:
    Seller is:
  5. If you post the rest of the listing info and the link we may help you.
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  6. Can you please help me authenticate this bag?

    Item: Mulberry Small nljk.jpg yrurw.jpg Bayswater Double Zip Tote
    The bag is bought some time ago without an invoice from danish Trendsales, and I just want to be 100% sure it's okay.
    Thank You:smile: