1. My phone, card case and powder to touch up my makeup
  2. My inhaler(COPD), my lip stuff and probably my phone lol.
  3. iPhone, iPad, Macbook Pro.
  4. iPhone, hand sanitizer, lip balm
  5. iPhone, cardholder, lip balm
  6. Lip balm, lotion, phone
  7. Card holder, phone, facial powder
  8. I phone, purse, keys
  9. Phone, sunglasses, and a lipstick!
  10. phone, lipstik, tissue
  11. Keys, phone and aspirin
  12. phone, sunglasses, lippie
  13. Samsung phone, Ray Ban aviators, Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Carnal.
  14. Eye drops, Hand Sanitizer, Readers (can’t live without)
  15. Phone, wallet, baby wipes!