1. It's authentic. It's rare for the original gold pen to be there. Nice!
  2. nm
  3. I am sorry. That is the wrong bag. What about this one?
    IMG_4444.jpgIMG_4448 (1).jpg
  4. More pictures
  5. Unfortunately, that one is fake. You should try to return it for a refund.
  6. In the future, if you want to have your own items authenticated, post just the pictures. TPF rules disallow linking to your own listings as it's considered to be promotion.

    Some of the authenticators in some brands here don't authenticate for sellers (although Coach and Dooney do) so avoid mentioning that you're a seller. :smile:
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    Found a Dooney & Bourke today at my local Goodwill store. I honestly don’t know anything about it Dooney & Bourke but thought it was cute. Any information about it is appreciated. I’m including pics if any other pics are needed to authenticate please let me know.

    Also any info on how to clean it, please :smile:

    Thank you for your time and expertise
  9. I apologize as my notifications aren't telling me that there were questions posted. Sorry for the delay.

    Both above (@Punkinsma2 and @Gaby Torres - are authentic.

    I'm not a rehabber so I can't advise on cleaning the signature fabric (though I have put a bag in the washing machine without incident). @Catbird9 may have further advice.
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  10. I've never dunked (washed) one of these, so I don't know how it would come out. It looks pretty clean to me.

    You can spot-clean the fabric with a mild spray fabric cleaner (make sure it doesn't contain bleach) diluted with water. Sponge on, blot well with a dry cloth, air dry.

    For the leather handle, I'd do a light application of Leather CPR using a microfiber cloth. Be careful not to get it on the fabric.

    Finally, you can polish the hardware with a clean soft cloth.
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  11. thank you @BeenBurned for the reply. I knew someone would eventually respond :smile: