1. Serial number and zipper marking have been updated, could you have a look? thanks
  2. I know the tag pictures are not very clear, but please let me know if they are sufficient. I've also provided the link again. Thank you so much!

    Link: https://www.eBay.com/itm/Céline-Nano-Luggage-Bag-in-Smooth-Indigo-Calfskin-Leather/272908227091?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l9372

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg
  3. I bought this bag from eBay, but Reebonz is the seller. I thought Reebonz was a valid retailer in Asia, so I was surprised when I found some older threads questioning authenticity. The bag is new, not pre-owned, but I am concerned. If you could please take a look, I would appreciate it. I just placed the order a couple of days ago and haven't received the bag yet.


    Item: Celine Nano Luggage in blue
    Listing ID: 168243AQL07SL
    Seller: ReebonzUS via eBay
    Link: Please see below.
    Condition: New

  4. Here are a few more photos of zipper and serial number. Thanks.

    IMG_0333.JPG IMG_0328.jpg IMG_0331.JPG
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  8. 0887D4C4-4C0A-4D9B-8A87-B2DF7C86CB5D.jpeg022B9B70-646B-4D81-8D61-4E743566C368.jpeg57BE92D5-E414-435D-993E-87B35B2021D6.jpegD5D214FA-4DF1-4D05-9624-CC91DE185EC5.jpegD2BF7B34-4FE0-4B78-8013-6C161299208E.jpeg581DFD01-06F9-45CD-9593-B67089E62AFD.jpeg9B83CBCE-E1CB-463A-953B-8DB304A18019.jpeg
  9. 52C9DBE6-3BD0-4B77-8A4F-55E0E0344579.jpeg 051DB2E1-9C00-4E11-8584-AB28E256CDC7.jpeg F08FCB84-2F14-432B-890D-9550A321F49C.jpeg CCDBDBD0-1B46-483A-90B3-075CF3AFFD79.jpeg BF57F1D4-2768-45D1-A0C9-E9F1051A7BCC.jpeg 071332E3-B9C2-42D8-9CB2-6F489356C0B2.jpeg 665AED1E-C955-42C0-9801-9E2736C2FB14.jpeg FAA408A7-8BA3-434C-B36F-42E7B36F49D2.jpeg 27645F3B-B329-4767-87C9-FC6FE925934B.jpeg hi pls authenticate this trapeze for me (item from Carousell app):

    Item: Celine Trapeze
    Listing Number:
    Seller: my_malleries
    Comments: im considering to purchase this. it will be my first Celine. it is a used bag.

    thanks so much!
  10. Ask for serial number and zipper marking
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