1. Hi everyone! I would like to jump into the Cartier world with my first bracelet but cannot decide which to get first. I would like to eventually buy the love and juc and wear them both stacked. Is one of these less fussy to start with? To take on and off? How about scratches, do they show up less on either of these styles? I currently don't wear any bracelets so would need to get used to wearing something all the time. Please help!
  2. Definitely the JUC doesn't show scratches as bad as the love.. If you're not used to wearing any bracelets then a bracelet that you cannot easily take off may not be such a good idea.
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  3. I was used to wearing bracelets before getting my love, but I was still really surprised by how easy it was to get used to having it on 24/7. Took maybe a day.
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  4. I love jewelry so I don't think I would have a problem getting used to wearing a bracelet or two all the time. Just a matter of which one might be easier to adjust to/end up looking newer longer as I cannot get both at the same time.
  5. I don’t have the JUC so I can’t speak from personal experience with that one, but I’ve had my love bracelet on Valentines Day, so just over 4 months ago, and it’s got lots of scratches, etc already. I’m careful with my things too, and that’s just life with a bracelet you wear 24/7... so it doesn’t bother me- but if you’re specifically interested in something that will stay newer looking longer, I’d say go with the one you have the option of taking off.
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  6. It scratches very easily and actually instantly for me but I knew it beforehand as I had similar experience with my love ring. Would I have loved my bracelet to be scratch-free? Yes. But it won’t happen as I wear it 24/7. It’s got multiple identifiable scratches here and there now but it’s fine this is life as a beginner piece though I’d get the love first then perhaps a cord ring either a trinity or love and eventually JUC. It gets overwhelming if you get both at once. Double the pleasure double the pressure
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  7. To answer your questions about the Love & JUC:

    1. Is one of them less fussy to start with? To take on and off?
    - This depends on what you view as fussy. If you like to have the freedom of taking off your jewelry when you want to or do a lot of active sports like swimming then JUC would be less fussy as you can take it off. If you want to put it on once and never have to think about taking it on/off again then the Love is less fussy in that sense because it becomes an extension of your body. The Love is meant to be worn 24/7 so if you're looking for something that you can easily take off/put on by yourself, this bracelet is not for you.

    2. How about scratches, do they show up less in either of these styles?
    - Yes, because of its rounded shape the scratches on the JUC is much less noticeable than on Loves.

    Both are quite "heavy" in weight due to their gold content so if you don't wear any kind of bracelets this is something to think about. After you get used to it you won't notice the weight of it anymore though. HTH! :smile:
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  8. I got a love (and adore it) before the JUC came out. I would’ve gotten the JUC first had it been out.
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  9. Would you consider the Love Cuff? You can take it on and off easily whenever you want, and it has the same look.
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  10. I'd go into Cartier & try them both on & see which one appeals to you more& would also try the love cuff as suggested by another poster
    The love bracelet will definitely show more scratches because you will be wearing it 24/7
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  11. Thanks everyone! Will the juc get damaged if I were to leave it on all the time? I read that it tends to get caught on clothing etc.

    I haven't looked at the love cuff as I prefer the look of a closed bracelet but I will check it out in person. There isn't a Cartier store where I live so I will have to wait till I go on vacation.
  12. I wear my JUC stacked with my Love 24/7, I personally have never had my JUC caught on clothing even during winter months when I wear a lot of sweaters. Definitely try both on when you could get to a Cartier store.
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  13. Thanks for the reply, glad to hear juc can be worn all the time without any issues! Will check these out when I go on vacation and hopefully I can come back with one!
  14. I wear my JUC and LOVE stacked 24/7 - gym, travel, etc...
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  15. So I went to the boutique and tried on the white gold juc and love bracelets and am disappointed as they don’t look great on me. I normally wear white gold pieces (rings, watch) so I thought this would be the obvious choice but they are lack lustre and look dull on my skin tone for some reason. I even tried the 4 diamond love as it is rhodium plated but it didn’t look much better in my opinion. I have a tan skin tone with yellow undertones. Do you think I should venture into RG or YG? It would be the one odd piece that doesn’t match the rest of my jewelry so that is why I hesitate.