1. Seller posted additional pics.
    Here’s the link again: https://us.vestiairecollective.com/women-bags/handbags/proenza-schouler/black-leather-ps1-proenza-schouler-handbag-5795312.shtml

    Posting additional pics here, too:





    I hope they are clear enough.

    Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the pics, it's the first PS1+ here in the authentication thread but everything looks ok.
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  3. Thank you so much!
  4. Hi there!

    Item Name: PS11 Classic (Red)

    Seller Link: https://www.fashionphile.com/proenza-schouler-calfskin-ps11-classic-shoulder-bag-red-236770

    Seller: Fashionphile

    Comments: Do you happen to know what year this bag was made? When I try to do a search for “Red Classic PS11” I come up with nothing!? I’m trying to get another view/better sense of the shade of red. Thanks so much in advance!️
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  6. Hi, it's authentic.
    Thanks @cathead87 yes around 2012, it's the first PS11 Classic version with the D-ring.
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  7. Thank you so much, Ladies
  8. Sadly, I ended up sending it back today. They described it as a “bright red”...which is what I was after. However, I swear it gave off more of a brown tone to me. Sad too because it was a beautiful bag, but the color was off for me. Thank you again for your help!
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  9. 9D0F250A-B5DA-4BBC-8C5B-AEEEC9F2B0A2.jpeg 809E6053-5A9E-41E6-BDBE-DC56A735936F.jpeg 466E5679-404C-478E-ABC8-B27959E4E430.jpeg 699263C8-3793-4569-817D-F048D2C6268A.jpeg 9964948D-DECF-4498-AC0A-7F24325F1345.jpeg F3F356F1-8D5A-4C15-AC45-D8F324E9F9A5.jpeg 780D33A6-623E-4023-90BD-7DD773F38EC3.jpeg 44D7CBA0-6296-429B-9E39-741A2FDD44ED.jpeg DB2C1441-0CB0-43A4-97AF-08DF780826D0.jpeg HI LADIES CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME AUTHENTICATE THIS PS1 BAG I GOT ONLINE. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE ❤️❤️❤️

  10. AWWW THANK YOU :sad:
  11. IMG_4936.jpgIMG_4937.jpgIMG_4938.jpgIMG_4939.jpgIMG_4940.jpgIMG_4941.jpgIMG_4942.jpgIMG_4943.jpg
  12. How to identify its authentic? Thanks.
  13. We look at everything, the leather, color, stitches, lining, hardware, stamps etc. All has to be ok for a bag to be authentic. Good closeup pics helps us.
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